Morning Moments on May 6/2024

Good Morning! “You know… over the years I have found that living here in the country, time moves at its own pace, like a slow winding river. And just like that river, it carves its own path, teaching us to go with the flow and appreciate the journey.”

It’s a sunny morning here in the north, and the temperature has warmed up some from yesterday. However, we did have a frost overnight, as looking out at the roof on my old woodworking shop it’s all white. The temperature waking up was sitting at 9.6 C | 49.28 F with the wind coming in from the NW.

Highway 522 has picked up these days, with lots of new faces and vehicles around town. Seems like every city slicker with a GPS and a Tim Hortons Addiction decided to take a joyride through our neck of the woods. But hey, ain’t no harm with a few new faces… as it keeps the local gossip-mill churning!

On another note yesterday being that it was a cool day I decided to write up a couple more stories for my newspaper columns. It was a good day for writing. Amazing how the mind works, some days the words just dance on the page, and other times, you’re scratching your head for inspiration? Ah well, that’s just how the mind works.

Today I am planning, I say planning, to clean up my shop as with all the work we have been doing outside… it’s a mess. My wife she calls me a messy Marvin, and truth be told, I reckon she’s got a point there.

Wisdom I Learned Over The Years: “They say home is where the heart is, and for me, it’s always been the countryside. There’s a deep connection to the land and a sense of belonging that can’t be found elsewhere. No matter where life takes me, I’ll always carry the lessons learned from this humble way of life.”

With that, I am off for my breakfast that my lovely wife has prepared for me and will then gather my things, and head out, ready to tackle whatever challenges or adventures await. I never know, really.

You all have a great day, and I will leave you with this bit of wisdom I have learned over the years: “In all my years on this land, I’ve learned that every seed we sow carries the hope of tomorrow. It’s a reminder that our work isn’t just for today, but for the generations yet to come.”

Fishing Times for Monday

Major Times
10:56 AM-12:56 PM

Minor Times
4:33 AM-5:33 AM
6:35 PM-7:35 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 4-star rating out of 5 for catching a few today. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip of The Day: Talk to the fish. Seriously! Over the years, I have found that whispering sweet nothing’s to the fish can coax them into biting. Give it a try and see if they’re listening. “You might be surprised by the outcome!

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