Life Beyond the City Limits on May 15/2024

Good Morning! You know…. out here where my wife and I live in the country, you learn the value of solitude, of finding peace and quiet in a world that’s always buzzing with noise. It gives one a chance to listen to your own thoughts, to reconnect with yourself, and… to find what is needed in the stillness.

Highway 522 is picking up traffic wise every day. And it will continue for the remainder of the summer. Why do they come, some might ask? Well… truth told, most come for the sights and stay for the stories. ‘Just the way it is.

Bug Report: Lots of blackflies roaming around these days, which means it’s a good time to get some inside projects done up. The mosquitoes are just starting, and well… they will remain with us for most of the summer. Although if it gets real hot and dry it will keep them at bay.

Yesterday I brought out my old rototiller to work up our vegetable garden. It’s good to do that a week or so before planting, as it allows the soil to breath. But just before I tilled it up I spread some manure which consisted of old crass cuttings we gathered a couple of weeks ago. It will give the tomatoes and things some great taste, along with what they need to stay healthy. I just went over it one time, and I had some issues with the one bearing that drives the tiller itself, so… it took me the rest of the day to fix that. While it was all apart in my shop I went down to Mikes, and he ordered me a new belt, which will be in later on today. I figured that would be the next thing to go wrong, so I might as well change it while I am at it.

Today I have some other outside work to be done, along with cleaning up the mess I made in my shop yesterday, so I will get to that in a bit.

Wisdom I have learned over the years: “Life in the country teaches you patience. You can’t rush the crops, and you can’t rush the seasons. Everything happens in its own time, and, well… there’s a certain beauty in that.”

With that, I am off for some pancakes that my lovely wife is preparing for me, along with some Maple Syrup that Mike Clapperton gave me while ordering a new tiller belt yesterday. It was a gift, as Ruth, my lovely wife, painted the new picture that is on all his bottles and jugs that hold his Maple Syrup. Should be a tasty treat to start the day off.

You all have a great day, and I will leave you with this: “You know, living where we do, there’s something mighty therapeutic about working outdoors in the spring. Maybe it’s the fresh air, or maybe it’s just the satisfaction of knowing… you’re one step closer to earning that cold drink on the porch.”

Fishing Times For Wednesday

Major Times
6:39 AM-8:39 AM
7:01 PM-9:01 PM

Minor Times
2:17 AM-3:17 AM
12:09 PM-1:09 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 1-star rating for catching a few today. Not the greatest day but hey! But… you never know. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip of The Day: Let your bait drift naturally with the current. This technique mimics the movement of natural prey and can be irresistible to hungry fish. GW

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  1. Many thanks to Ruth as she had painted a picture of our cottage some time ago. We really appreciate it. Hopefully we can drop by mid June to see you folks and see your fish pond

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