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Harvest Table

Here is a harvest table I made for a customer out of white pine. I turned the legs, then stained it with one coat of Early American and one coat of Golden Oak. Then topped it off with three coats of Oil Urethane. A piece like this will last a lifetime. Happy customer. They used to be a great seller. Today most folks want the modern look.

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Woodworking Shop

Here is a picture of my old woodworking shop I had years ago. It was kind of a sad day, as it was torn down making room for a new subdivision. But … like everything in life, things have a way of ending, in spite of what we humans think we can do.

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Head Board

Well I finally finished the Head Board for our new bed. It is made out of solid hard maple including the panels. No bolts other than the ones holding it to the bed frame. All pieces are held together with Mortise and Tenon joints. One of a kind and will last for years. GW

Picnic Table

Here is a picnic table I made for a lady a few years ago. It turned out well and she was happy. I made it out pine, sealed it, and stained it natural with a coat of marine varnish. It should last for years sitting outside. It took two days to cut out and put together. GW

The Wizard of Oz

Awhile back my wife took an order for an Early American Style Deacon’s Bench. I have made hundreds of these in the old woodworking shop over the years. It was made from white pine. It has a storage spot under the seat which is a lid. Sometimes I put the lid on the top of the seat, sometimes I put it in the front. Either way works just fine. Then to make it even nicer my lovely wife painted the characters from the Wizard of Oz on the top Rail. The customer was thrilled. GW

Potato & Onions

Here is a potato and onion bin I made for another customer. I have made hundreds over the years. Most are made from white knotty pine with keeping the lid clear so paintings can be done. Of course my lovely wife does all the painting. GW

Buffet and Hutch

Here is another project I made for a lady which she loved. The only issue was, that after I made it, my lovely wife wanted one for her kitchen. So … I made her one. It has floating panel doors and is made out of white and red pine, with a sold back. My lovely wife painted then distressed it. Turned out quite nice. GW

Small Cabinet

Here is a smaller Early American Cabinet I made awhile ago for a customer. It consists of a floating raised panel door, a drawer and two shelves along with a solid back. Made out of white pine, stained in an Early American. Nice piece, the customer liked it a lot. That’s all that matters. I enjoyed making it too which is a plus. GW

Walking Stick Flute

Here is a Flute that I made awhile back from a large root of a tree. It took a lot of work but when all said and done it turned out magnificent. I only had it in the store for a couple days when someone came in to buy it. It sold for over $500.00 which is a modest price for the work that went into it. I enjoy making them, but problems arise finding the right piece to make them out of. GW

Walking Stick Key of E Flute Completed, Tuned in a Pentatonic Scale.
Bringing the Flute to Life.
Walking Stick Flute
My Lovely Wife did the painting of the Red Tail Hawk.


Another piece of furniture I made years ago in my shop was an Armoire. The wood I used to make the doors, was knotty pine. The sides and solid back was made from 100 year old White Oak. Let me tell you, that Oak was hard as nails to sand, and I was sure glad when it was finished. It was one of those jobs you wished you never started. But it got done, and the customer was very happy.


Wooden Pez- Holder

For those that liked the candy that came with a Pez holder, I thought I would share a picture of a shelf unit I made many years ago. I have to say the lady had a great collection. It’s an old picture but it will give you an idea of how I made it. GW

Made in 1996
Pez Holder before Stain