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Scroll Saw

Here is a picture that shows you what my old Beaver Scroll Saw looked like. It was a great machine never letting me down. I have to admit I miss that saw. It has a cap on the top that you put grease into which in turn keeps things lubricated. The other nice thing is, you can take a narrow band saw blade, cut it up and you have numerous blades for a cheap price, which don’t break. I thought I would share. GW

Beaver Scroll Saw 23 inch (58.42 cm) throat.

You Gotta See The Fluture Flutes

It has been awhile since my last post. So many things taking place these days that I just haven’t had time to do much writing or posting here on the Blog. Finally, we finished up our new flutes. They are called  Fluture Flutes, reason being it is a Flute of the future.  For over 30 years I have been making Flutes wanting to perfect a scale that will not just play one but will play dozens.  A mistake took me to what I was looking for.  From there I perfected it over and over till the Flutes took on a sound like no other.  I then stream lined them so to speak, installing a Totem on the top that sets things right.  Each Flute is made from exotic woods all inlaid so not one is the same. To appreciate their true beauty one has to come and see.  I added a picture of our collection, one of the largest in Canada.  Drop by, you will never see or hear Flutes of this calibre anywhere. They almost play themselves!!

Click Picture To Enlarge

Items To Chat About

Well been quite a year for my wife and I here in Port Loring.  Customers & friends have been steadily stopping by our small store all summer.  Great to see them and have a bit of a chat.  I have to say this past year has been the busiest since we moved here 13 years ago.  Amazing how time flies.  And to add to that, all have been great years.  Made some good friends over the years too.  This winter we decided to not go to Florida as I have a lot of orders for my Flutes which I have been making for over 30 years.  It is a challenge filling my orders, as each Flute takes a great amount of time to make.  For years I have strive to better my Flutes, along with coming up with my own scale of music that can be played on them.  For most parts Native American Flutes play a peaceful array of sounds.  That is fine but I wanted something different, something more, something better.  I have always said a person can ride along on the shoulders of others, but if they want to be known for years to come they have to climb down and take back the reigns.  Which I have done.  As of this year I have invented a new Flute that is all together different than the old Native American Flute.  We have come up with a name which is called FlutureFlute. It in all essence is a Flute of the Future, there is none like it anywhere.  It has the same features, sort of, as the old ones, but the looks and cosmetics along with the Pentatonic Scale has changed.  It sings like no other Flute but yet one can still play the old scales if needed.  As I say it took me years to come up with a scale of music that this flute can play.  Then to design the flute so that scale can be played and sound fantastic took some doing.  But in the end, all paid off and I am sure in the coming days, months and years it will be one great Flutureflute.

New Addition For Equipment & Things

Took a picture of a lean-to that I am adding to the back of our store.  Need a bit more storage for my mowers and things and now can drive the riding mower right in along with the snow-blower come winter. Will be nice to have it so near the house, as my old spot was down over the hill and we are thinking of taking it down, before it falls down.  So thought I would share. Will take another as things get done.  Talk Soon.

Lean-to Back Of Our Store Started August/10th/2009

New Shop Addition

Well needed a piece that would hold my work for making my Branch Flutes> Got to say it sure works slick. An old Shaver Bench modified to my liking. Took a bit of doing but end results are more than I expected. Thought I would let you folks have a look. Talk Soon.

Working Away Here in The shop

Well been busy here the past few days making sawdust in the old shop.  Nice on days like this when the weather is snowing blowing and cold outside to be in there working away where it’s nice and warm. Gives a fellow a good feeling inside.  Burned a lot of wood this season so far guess it’s because of an early start in the burning season as last year it was colder but didn’t burn as much.  Oh well got lots so not worried.  Hope you all are keeping busy.  Talk Soon.

Woodworking Shop

Well been working in the shop the past few days on some projects for our small store come spring.  Keeps me busy and I enjoy it.  Gets me out of the house and keeps the old mind moving in the right direction.  For folks that sit around the house all day, find your self something that interests you and get out there and do it.  Keeps us older and younger folks healthy.  Nothing worse than to just sit around and do nothing.   I figure each day I wake up an look outside I am given another day so I make the most of it trying not to waste one minute, life is just to short for that.  Talk Soon.

The Old Woodworking Shop

Around this time of year my old shop starts to get busy. The main reason is there is always a few presents that has to be made for Christmas,  along with my lovely wife wanting a few projects done up.  In other words us woodworkers call that Honey Do Projects.  I can’t think of anything more that gives me such pleasure than working out there where it’s warm  looking out at the snow covered gardens that I have out back.  Sort of a piece of contentment I guess one might say.  Once and awhile my wife comes out to chat, which we do a lot of by the way.  We call our breaks,  Talk A Tea and Talk A Water and around two, Talk A  Coffee.  Sounds kind of crazy in most folks eyes I suppose,  but that is what they are.  I got to say this we sure enjoy each others company.  Has been that way for over thirty years now.  Once the Christmas orders are done up I will get back to making my Native American Flutes along with my wife whom makes  them look beautiful after my part is done,  which fill our store from wall to wall come spring.  They also give me great pleasure, as I can find nothing more special than taking a piece of old time forgotten wood and making it sing.  Well,  home made chicken soup here is on the menu,  so figure I should go and get a bowl. Talk Soon.

White Oak Hmm

You know a couple years ago I got some white oak figuring it would be a good burning wood. I also have been burning wood for heat a good portion of my life and had in my mind that I pretty well knew all there was to know about types of wood, what is good for burning and what is not.  Well I put about four cords in the basement come the end of August and felt good about it, only to find out that it didn’t burn worth a darn.  Ended up the only way I could get it to burn properly was to split it about four times,  then let it dry for another month.  I thought it was pretty dry as it sat out covered for two year, but I was wrong.  But, hey I learned something and that is to stay with my ash, yellow birch, white birch, red oak and hard maple. I got to say ash and hard maple are on the top of my list for good heating,  through them cold winter days when temperatures dip to around -20 below.  The other problem I had with the white oak,  was messing up my chimney pretty good. After four weeks of burning,  it plugged it in places.  Glad I cleaned it out and will clean it out once more just before Christmas, as I should be done with it by then.  Usually with the hardwoods I only clean my chimney twice a burning season.  Oh well not a big deal.  So if you heed my advice you could save your self a few headaches.  Talk Soon.

Planer Gave Up The Ghost

Well worked in the shop most the day today.  Had a bit of a problem with the old Planer. I bought it a few years ago a Ridgid>  The bearings are shot in the old girl and I guess it isn’t worth fixing.  So guess it’s time to go shopping.  Didn’t expect that this time of year but we used it a lot so what can one do.  Now I wish I didn’t sell my heavy duty one I had back at my old shop.  Oh well what can you do can’t cry over spilled milk.  Other than that had a pretty good day.  Got a few Flutes made and made a mess in the shop.   Talk Soon

Shop Work (Native American Flutes)

Well figured I had better get at some of my shop work today, been awhile and got to be in the right frame of mind to work on my Flutes. I usually make around fifty a year as that seems to be the magic number for sales though out the summer months in our small store. I have been making them for a lot of years now but I had a good teacher, old Grey Wolf. He would sit for hours getting them just tuned right. But as he said “they have to be done right, as who wants a Flute that doesn’t sing properly.” I make most mine out of white cedar that I get from a local bush. The fellow that owns the bush is a good friend of mine and I am very luck to know him. The cedars I use are not live, they have long passed on and it gives me a good feeling taking an old dead piece and bringing it back to life. Got four ready today and tomorrow will work on tuning them. Talk soon.