Cure For The Common Cold ??

Well I know you are probably asking or should say thinking,  that there is no cure for the common cold.  For years my old Dad and Grandfather used to use leaves and blossoms from the Linden Tree or some call the Basswood Tree,  to stop a cold or flu in its tracks.  The leaves to use aren’t the big ones that is on the tree year round,  they are the long slim pointed ones that come out when the tree is in blossom.   There is two of them that go with each bunch of blossoms, those are what you want to harvest.  It’s not hard to find a tree when it comes out in blossom,  as if you put your nose to the wind come mid summer you can smell them a mile off.  Well at least here in the North where the air is clean.  Once we find a tree my wife and I pick all we can.  We take the blossoms and the slim pointed leaves home, sometimes a bushel at a time if we are exceptionally lucky.  She then takes them out of the bushel and lays them on news paper and lets them dry for about a month or so,  each day turning them a bit.   Once dry we separate the leaves from the blossoms.  The blossoms are good to cure the cold and the leaves are used to fight a fever.  I like to mix a couple leaves with my blossoms,  as that seems to be the fix for me.  At the first sign of a cold, which is usually a punky feeling,  my wife brews me up a cup. The simplest way is to go and buy yourself a thimble that you can put loose tea in. Usually you can buy them at the dollar store or an old Country General Store like we have here in Port Loring.  She then just crushes up enough to half fill the thimble and hangs it in a glass of hot water with a touch of sugar or molasses for taste.  In about two or three minutes of dunking it in and out one just sips away on it. I should say it tastes great and what medicine today can you get that tastes great and works.   A few weeks ago I was to town and sure enough I must have picked up something. I felt a bit down a week later so the wife made me up a cup of the blossoms just before retiring to for bed.  In the morning was back to my old self again. Can’t beat that huh?  We have been  using that remedy for years now and my Grandfather and Father before that. It is widely used in Germany and Switzerland still today. Oh and I would like to say one more thing about the blossoms. If you let them go to seed you can take the seeds, grind them up in a coffee grinder and you will have the best hot chocolate ever. Talk Soon

Warming Up A Bit

Well not to bad of a day. Most all the snow that we had yesterday is gone now.   Still got to keep the old wood furnace going though.  Talk Soon.

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753  10/11 20:44:42  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 28.8 F Hi 61.5 F 31/10 14:24    73.2 F Hi 77.2 F  9/11 19:10  
                    Lo 23.2 F  7/11 19:35           Lo 61.0 F  2/11  8:25  
   Humidity:   77 % Hi   96 %  6/11  0:50      34 % Hi   46 % 31/10 13:12  
                    Lo   35 % 31/10 14:31           Lo   34 %  6/11 21:27  
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   46 F 31/10 19:35      43 F Hi   52 F  2/11 17:46  
                    Lo   32 F 31/10 14:50           Lo   36 F  2/11  6:39  
Wind Gust:353 N @  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:[email protected] 26.2 mph   31/10 19:54  
      Avg:353 N @  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:  28 F   Lo:   1 F  6/11 23:17  
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.00 in Total:32.44 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Falling at 29.32 in  30.20 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Cloudy

Notes Of Appreciation Barb

Hello George

I am so glad you are back writing in the Community Voices newspaper.  That paper is not the same without your bits of advice and wisdom.  Love all the write ups you’ve done!  Keep up the good work!

I’m now looking forward to getting that paper again.

From a faithful reader…..


Update on Column In North Bays News Paper The Nugget

Hi Folks just thought I would let you know that my column is in this week in the North Bay Nugget.  It is a tale about my old Dad in his journey through life.  It’s called,  Old Dad And His Journey Through Life.  Pick up a copy and enjoy.  Talk Soon.

My Jennie’s Look Alike

JennieWell in my stories I write a lot about Jennie,  my horse that I grew up with. We had a lot of good times for sure. I came across this picture on the net. It’s not my Jennie but real close. The only difference would be that Jennie had two white stockings on her front legs instead of the picture here. But everything else is the same and I got to tell you it sure brings back memories when I look at her. Thought I would share. Talk Soon

Notes Of Appreciation Elva

I never miss your column. Love it. Reminds me of my Grandfather Nicholas.
 A gentle hard working orderly person who never wasted a thing in
his life and could make me a whistle or a toy or a very useful item out of
something he knew the exact where-abouts-of. He went overseas during World
War I, and the only stories I remember him telling were in relation to the
kindly and appreciative people he met and the countryside. He raised a
wonderful family of 5 after his wife died in child-birth. Mom was the oldest
and had to quit school at the age of 13 to stay home with her siblings. You
are so right. It WAS a hard life, but those people will never be forgotten.
Thanks for keeping their memories alive.  Elva.
(Just read "It truly was a Family Tree")

Notes Of Appreciation Ed

Very much enjoyed. I read your column this morning and have been busy on Google ever since.

I believe that I enjoyed all the same experiences that you had. To add to yours,each fall we would spend Sunday afternoon,there were five children,

gathering beechnuts,hickory,walnuts. etc. Dad would tie a weight onto a light rope and fling it into a tree and then shake. We kids would be holding a tarp to catch the nuts.

Also,each spring we would do the watercress trip and also we gathered the buds from a tree. These buds were then boiled and a salve was made for cuts mostly as we were butchers and cuts were common.This salve had a very quick healing power.But, my problem is that I can not remember the kind of tree we gathered from. I have a feeling it was an Aspen but I am not certain.I am in my eighties so it was a long time ago.Any help would ease my mind.

There is a name that sticks in my mind,at least something like “babaygilan”.In the Bible it speaks of salve being used on the women of Babylon so there may be some connection. My Dad was a self-educated but a well-read man. Perhaps that was his name for it.

And so ,Mr Walters,thank you again for an interesting read.


Notes Of Appreciation Darryl

Hello George

You do not know me but I feel I know you.
The reason I feel I know you is due to the fact I have become a big fan of
your column in the Community Voices
Not sure how I started checking it out but I have been enjoying it for some
time now....I am guessing we are a generation apart and as such I did not
experience most of the experiences you describe but I have heard similar
ones from my father. (just this past thanksgiving we had our dinner at the
hunt camp and I watched my dad show my sons where his father had built him a
hobby horse between 2 trees some 60 years could still see the
boards in the trees)
Their is something comforting in listening to stories of yesteryear
Anyhow, I know in life we often fail to recognize people who unknowingly
bring smiles into our lifes... I just wanted to let you know you have a fan
who certainly looks forward to your musings each week
PS: another great one this week about the horses.


Notes Of Appreciation Chris

Good day

just wanted to say i am enjoying reading your columns

look forward to see where and what you are going to choose for a topic.


Notes Of Appreciation

This was concerning a story I wrote awhile back called Grocery Shopping.

Greetings Mr. Walters:

My husband and I have discussed this issue at great length

over the holidays.

We are appalled at the rudeness you endured.

Having raised three beautiful daughters we are confident that neither one would ever treat a customer in this manner.

The clerk is wrong, she is paid to perform these small tasks in order for the establishment she is working for encourage customers to return and therefore secure more profit for the store. (the one who is paying her wages)

Since when is it part of any job description to be rude to a customer?

As for the accusation of stealing the bread, it was at the very least

unacceptable actions on the part of the young man who took you into the store.

He should have returned to the outside and apologized to you in front of the starring public.

As for the opening of doors, why on earth should anyone change their habit of politeness to a accommodate the new generation?

We personally are so tired of people using the phrase ( politically correct or the modern way) as an excuse for clearing the world of all that is decent.

My husband opens doors, pampers me and our family and says thank you to everyone who shows any act of kindness.

We all think he is wonderful and I do not want my husband or anyone else changing their lifestyle including you for I may be the next women that you open the door for and believe me I will say

Thank You.

Friends of the Polite Generation.

Notes Of Appretiation Lana

We wish to thank you so much for the lovely visit and good old fashioned
hospitality. Could you please forward your mailing address for mom.   thanks
again , mom was sooo thrilled and happy. Lana

Not Of Appreciation From Lana

Hello Mr. Walters. My name is Lana and I was wondering if I could
bring my 81 yr. old mom for a drive to your place tomorrow? Mom (me TOO)
loves your articles and has told me she'd love to meet you and I would also
love to see your garden. Seeing it's supposed to be a nice day tomorrow and
we can enjoy the fall leaves on our journey I thought I'd surprise mom as
she's mentioned a few times already she would love to go to your place. I
have no intention of staying for long maybe 30 min. max.  If this is
agreable ,and you have no other plans tomorrow please email your directions.
 Have a good evening, Lana

Note Of Appreciation Tracy

Hi George, I again wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your column and it is so true that journaling is a very good way to tell our stories ..I just had a old family friend tell me I should start my own book and it is ironic but I have actually thought about it but would never even know where to it is good to see that someone like your self is actually doing it . Take Care Tracy

Not To bad A Day Weather Wise

Well had a pretty good day here today, a bit of sun, some clouds and temperatures even got up there a wee bit. Still got the home fires burning though and might say they feel good too. Talk Soon.

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   9/11 18:14:43
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 35.1 F Hi 61.5 F 31/10 14:24    74.7 F Hi 76.6 F  2/11 17:55
                    Lo 23.2 F  7/11 19:35           Lo 61.0 F  2/11  8:25
   Humidity:   85 % Hi   96 %  6/11  0:50      37 % Hi   46 % 31/10 13:12
                    Lo   35 % 31/10 14:31           Lo   34 %  6/11 21:27
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   46 F 31/10 19:35      46 F Hi   52 F  2/11 17:46
                    Lo   32 F 31/10 14:50           Lo   36 F  2/11  6:39
Wind Gust:[email protected]  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:[email protected] 26.2 mph   31/10 19:54
      Avg:[email protected]  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:  36 F   Lo:   1 F  6/11 23:17
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.04 in Total:32.44 in since  1/ 1  0:00
Barometer: Steady at 29.21 in  30.09 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Partly Cloudy

Community Voice Column

Hi Folks well the my column in the Community Voice was printed this week so just thought I would let you folks know.  It  is called, Lost Wisdom and  pertains to my younger days and how I came to writing short stories, along with my views on our Elders and all the wisdom that will be lost when they are gone. Also a lot of other tips, info and bit of my wisdom that I know you will enjoy. So if you get a minute go out and get yourself a copy of the Community Voice, in North Bay and surrounding areas. Talk Soon.


Well earlier I told you I had the firewood put away for winter, which I do. I store my wood in a separate room along with my wood furnace.  Nice thing about that I just shut the door for a week or so from the rest of the basement and it sure drys out the wood fast.  I do dry it all summer though outside which is the best way to do it.  Next spring I am going to start building a lean-to for the firewood so it has a place to dry nicely.  Also it will make it nice for piling the wood come cutting time. Which by the way isn’t to far off.  I am giving some thought this year in buying logs and getting them delivered to the house.  Figured it would save me a good amount of money.  I also figure one can get two years for the price of one if he cuts it himself.  A bit of work but what the heck.  Not that one shouldn’t be in pretty good shape to do that as it can take a toll on the old body.  For me, well I have physically worked hard all my life but with saying that the older I get the more I notice things  that pop up  now and then,  like things  hurting in spots that I never  knew existed.   Talk soon.

Update For Columns And Book Information

Well not sure what the paper is doing any more when it comes to my columns so decided on not entering anything till the story  is published. Safer that way as I know that you folks look forward to them each week and me being from the old school, well,  I just don’t like saying something then have it not happen.

On another note my first book which I mentioned awhile back is in the works, or should say that the cost is in the works. There have been a lot of  folks  registering for the book and it gives me great pleasure knowing so many folks are that interested.  Feel free to call me if your interested or E-Mail me at [email protected]  or my phone number is  1 705 757 1040. Talk soon.

Sunny But Cold

Well not  a bad day here had some sunshine, clouds along with some snow. Nothing that accumulated though. Worked a bit in the shop and kept the home fires burning.  Talk soon.

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   7/11 18:44:43  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 24.3 F Hi 61.5 F 31/10 14:24    72.7 F Hi 76.6 F  2/11 17:55  
                    Lo 23.7 F  2/11  7:42           Lo 61.0 F  2/11  8:25  
   Humidity:   58 % Hi   96 %  6/11  0:50      36 % Hi   46 % 31/10 13:12  
                    Lo   35 % 31/10 14:31           Lo   34 %  6/11 21:27  
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   46 F 31/10 19:35      45 F Hi   52 F  2/11 17:46  
                    Lo   32 F 31/10 14:50           Lo   36 F  2/11  6:39  
Wind Gust:357 N @  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:[email protected] 26.2 mph   31/10 19:54  
      Avg:357 N @  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:  25 F   Lo:   1 F  6/11 23:17  
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.12 in Total:32.40 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Steady at 29.29 in  30.17 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Sunny

Cool Night

Well went out to the shop and put a log on the fire to keep it warm for tomorrow so I can do some work.  Still snowing out there tonight with some high winds.  Not that far from the house to the shop but I was glad to get to the shop and back.  Sure is a nice feeling having a warm house with a basement full of dry wood.   Not sure why but has always been that way for me.   The old wood furnace here in the house is doing its job also.  I will enter a few things here each night which I have taken from my our weather station.   For more info one can just click on the link for the weather station.  Talk soon.

X200 ff:            localhost:9753   6/11 19:14:43  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 33.3 F Hi 61.5 F 31/10 14:24    71.8 F Hi 76.6 F  2/11 17:55  
                    Lo 23.7 F  2/11  7:42           Lo 61.0 F  2/11  8:25  
   Humidity:   84 % Hi   96 %  6/11  0:50      37 % Hi   46 % 31/10 13:12  
                    Lo   35 % 31/10 14:31           Lo   36 %  3/11 15:15  
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   46 F 31/10 19:35      45 F Hi   52 F  2/11 17:46  
                    Lo   32 F 31/10 14:50           Lo   36 F  2/11  6:39  
Wind Gust:[email protected] 12.3 mph    Wind Gust Hi:[email protected] 26.2 mph   31/10 19:54  
      Avg:[email protected] 11.0 mph      Wind Chill:  18 F   Lo:   9 F  6/11 17:42  
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.39 in Total:32.40 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Rising at 28.85 in  29.73 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Sunny

First Snow

Well got the first snow fall today just started a minute or two ago.  Coming down pretty good too big old lazy flakes.  Talk soon

Wet Day

Well wet day here in Port Loring.  Might get a bit of snow later on but think it might have to drop a bit in temperatures first.  See how the night goes along.  Was sunny here this morning but clouded up and rained this afternoon with a bit of thunder and lightning a few minutes ago.   But we are warm and dry so what more can a fellow and gal ask for.  Talk soon.

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   5/11 19:59:43  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 40.8 F Hi 61.5 F 31/10 14:24    70.0 F Hi 76.6 F  2/11 17:55  
                    Lo 23.7 F  2/11  7:42           Lo 61.0 F  2/11  8:25  
   Humidity:   91 % Hi   93 %  5/11 19:39      39 % Hi   46 % 31/10 13:12  
                    Lo   35 % 31/10 14:31           Lo   36 %  3/11 15:15  
  Dew Point:   39 F Hi   46 F 31/10 19:35      45 F Hi   52 F  2/11 17:46  
                    Lo   32 F 31/10 14:50           Lo   36 F  2/11  6:39  
Wind Gust:[email protected]  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:[email protected] 26.2 mph   31/10 19:54  
      Avg:[email protected]  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:  41 F   Lo:  14 F  1/11  6:24  
Rain Rate: 0.04 in/h  Yesterday: 0.00 in Total:32.28 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Steady at 28.50 in  29.38 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Rain

Some Thing New Port Loring Weather

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   4/11 20:59:43  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 32.4 F Hi 61.5 F 31/10 14:24    73.9 F Hi 76.6 F  2/11 17:55  
                    Lo 23.7 F  2/11  7:42           Lo 61.0 F  2/11  8:25  
   Humidity:   70 % Hi   87 % 31/10 20:52      37 % Hi   46 % 31/10 13:12  
                    Lo   35 % 31/10 14:31           Lo   36 %  3/11 15:15  
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   46 F 31/10 19:35      46 F Hi   52 F  2/11 17:46  
                    Lo   32 F 31/10 14:50           Lo   36 F  2/11  6:39  
Wind Gust:276 W @  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:[email protected] 26.2 mph   31/10 19:54  
      Avg:276 W @  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:  32 F   Lo:  14 F  1/11  6:24  
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.00 in Total:31.85 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Rising at 29.00 in  29.88 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Partly Cloudy

A Bit Of Sunshine

Well,  sleepy day here in the small town of Port Loring.  Been sitting here with a tea and not much traffic going by, but then,  this time of year there never is.  Sundays in this small town seems to be a bit like the old days,  as everyone takes it easy and things, the way it should be.  Weather here today is sunny so far with a few clouds. But colder and some snow is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  One station was even calling for three to six inches of the white stuff over night. Hmm have to see about that, but one never knows living here in the North.  44 degrees here at 10:06 AM.   Weather station is working good since my son fixed it so that is a plus. Lot of folks have called saying that they liked the weather site and it has been an asset to the area,  so that makes us feel good.  Talk Soon

Business Sign Out Front

This is another picture of our business’s sign out along HWY 522. Great country.

Our Home Here In Port Loring

This picture is taken from HWY 522 in front of our home. The small building to the right is our store. Not big but lots of very unique things.

Fall Picture Here In Port Loring

Fall Colours In Port Loring

One More That I Thought was real nice.

Fall Colours Here In Port Loring

Just Up The Road From Us

Just up the road from us is this real nice view of some fall colours and thought I would share.

Store Sign Out Front And Flags

Our Store Sign and Flags

For a bigger view of the pictures just click on the picture. Enjoy.

Old Trailer In Front Of Our Home

Garlic Is In The Ground

Well weather is suppose to drop in temperatures tomorrow night, so got busy and planted my Garlic.  I got to tell you I sure love the stuff and you can’t get anything more healthier to eat.  I put in one row this year which is about twenty feet long.  I just take a couple sticks and put a piece of twine from stick to stick. Reason being so I know where they are come spring when I go to plant the rest of the garden.   Also it helps me keep a straight row. I don’t know but I got a thing about crooked rows.     Once I get the line up I just take my hoe and dig a small trench about four inches deep.  I then plant the garlic about five or six inches apart.  Once all planted I then like to take a few handfuls of cow manure and sprinkle it over the cloves just before I cover them up. Once covered up I put a bit of straw over the top or leaves depending on what I have on hand.  That’s it don’t take no effort at all. One thing to remember though, wash your hands before you have dinner, Hmm I thought my piece of cheddar cheese tasted a bit different.    I also took an old white tarp this year and wrapped it around my grape vines as I got froze back last winter. Took all summer to grow new vines so didn’t want that to happen again.  Wife likes Concord Grape Jam and if they keep freezing back one don’t get very many bunches.   I also took some old half rotten boards I had laying around the place and cut them up for kindling so all set now for starting the old stove in the shop.   Sure nice to be able to enjoy life up here in the north and do things that one wants.   Talk Soon.

Port Loring Weather Station Up Date

Hi folks well my son has got the old weather station fixed up here and it is uploading for all to see again.  I am sure lucky I got a feller that can fix these problems when they arise.  Weather today here is sunny and warm for a change.  Temperatures got up to around 56 Degrees, almost summer.   For more Details you can now go to the weather site and have a look as there is a link to it here on the Blogs main page.  Talk Soon

Community Voice Column Up Date

Hi Folks well I see the story I sent to the Community Voice didn’t run not sure why so from now on I won’t put any notices on here till I make sure they have run. Simple way of making sure you are able to read them. In this world of today things change and News Papers are one of them. Talk Soon.

Weekly Column In The Community Voice Glimpse

Hi folks well this week the column is called, Lost Wisdom. It pertains to my younger days and how I came to writing short stories, along with my views on our Elders and all the wisdom that will be lost when they are gone. Also a lot of other tips, info and bit of my wisdom that I know you will enjoy. So if you get a minute go out and get yourself a copy of the Community Voice, in North Bay and surrounding areas. Talk Soon.

Weekly Nugget Column Glimpse

Well I think my Column in the Saturday Nugget should be in there this week, as they took it out last week as they needed space.  Well what can you do its their paper.  At any rate here is a bit on what its about thought I would share.

This week I wrote one up on Messages and how we got them out to folks years ago back on the Dairy farm where I was raised.  I got to say when writing this story a lot came to mind and brought back a lot of fine memories. Folks of today would probably wonder how we made out as good as we did back then, but we did ok.  The Story is called Messages but we will see what the paper calls it as they have a Tendency of changing the titles on me.  But what can you do.  At any rate look for it this week in the North Bay Nugget.  Talk Soon

Preparing Red or Green Peppers For Winter

Well I would think most folks have dug or picked their veggies for winter. I got mine in but this year I had a few extra red and green peppers. So what to do? Simple really,  the wife took the peppers and cut them up in small pieces.  She then set them on a cookie tray and put them in our oven. We have a Propane stove here in the country as we love to cook with a flame, also nice when the power goes out.  Just seems to be a nicer way to cook,  at least for us.   The nice thing about a gas or propane stove or wood stove is it has a pilot light or flame of some kind going at all times or maybe now a days that isn’t right as the new stoves might not have a flame any more.  Anyways, if you happen to have one of these stoves or a dry place you can put your peppers after you cut them, well then get to doing it as come winter when you want a real tasty home made soup you will have the fresh garden ingredients to put in there.  My wife dries them in the oven for a few days and then once dried she grinds them up in a coffee grinder a hand one and then puts it in brown paper bags for storage. I got to tell you nothing is more tasty come winter.  Hmm Good!  Talk soon.

Port Loring Weather Station

Woke up to a heavy white frost this morning.  Got cool,  as temperatures were down to around 29F this morning.  At noon today its up to 44 Degrees so a bit warmer.  Was thinking that I might be coming down with a cold yesterday so took some Linden Blossom tea,  seemed to stop it in its tracks.  Old recipe from Germany that my old Grandfather used.  Seems its a cure for the common cold and well it has fixed me in time of need.  You will have to try it sometime.  One just needs to find a Basswood tree and pick the blossoms when they come out in bloom.  If you ever need info on them let me know.  Forecast today at noon: Sunshine, 45 degrees, Barometer rising and sitting at 29.47 inHG, Humidity is 53%, Winds are from the South at around 8 MPH.  Talk soon

Weather Station Info

Well temperatures have dropped here in this small town of Port Loring. But its the sign of whats to come. Old wood furnace is still perkin away and sure feels good when you come in from outside. Nothing like wood heat to take the chill out of ones bones. I should mention here that our weather station is down for a wee bit as my son is working on it. Should be back up and running come the weekend or shortly after. At any rate the weather today is sunny with a few clouds. Winds up to 30MPH Gusts.  NW winds.  Barometer 29.15 and rising. Weather Forecast, Sunny with a few clouds.  Outside temperatures at noon is 41 Degrees with humidity at 40%.   Talk Later.

Windy Day.

Well another pretty nice day here just a bit windy. Winds are from the South around 10 to 30 MPH so enough wind to blow a fellows hat off once and awhile. Lots of sunshine today but they say temperatures are going to drop over night. High today was around 61 degrees. Had the old wood furnace perkin away here this morning but kind of let it die out this afternoon. So might be a pretty nice night for the trick-er treaters. We don’t get to many up here in this area as there isn’t that many young ones. I think the most we have had since we moved here would be around ten. So we don’t have to spend to much on goodies. I did managed to clean up the last of my leaves today and put them in the garden. Once done I got out the tiller and worked them in so the wind didn’t blow them away on me. Can’t get anything better for a vegetable gardens than dry leaves. Talk Later

Nice Day

Well had a nice day here for a change.  Sun was shinning for most the  day. Temperatures were a bit cool though, but did get up to around 49 degrees after a frost early this morning when I got up.  Winds were out of the west, light.   This afternoon I took advantage of the good weather and cleaned the chimney in the house and outside.  Then cleaned the eve troughs and took off the one out back, as in some cases it stops leaks in the house through out the winter,  when ice backs up the water.  Tried it last year and problem solved,  so guess now its a yearly thing before it gets to cold.  I also piled up some firewood I had laying around out back, so not a bad day all and all.   Talk Soon.



Most magazine editors prefer authors send them a query letter
rather than the entire article. This helps minimize the size of
the unsolicited submissions stack towering over their desks, and
allows them to quickly judge if an idea is right for their
publication. Some editors will buy an article on the strength of
the query alone, especially if the author is previously
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take before committing to it in the query letter. Also, be sure
you can finish the article quickly if the editor writes back and
asks to see the whole piece. If you’ve never written a magazine
article before, I suggest you do so before sending out queries,
just to be sure you can deliver what you promise.

Like your article, the query letter should be lively, well-
organized, and entertaining. Open with a strong sentence that
sets the tone for your article–an interesting fact about your
subject, a question you intend to answer, or a line of dialog
from someone you interviewed. Complete the paragraph by
presenting the five basic facts about your topic: who, what,
when, where and why. Sprinkle in a few statistics if you have
them, and don’t forget to list the projected word length. Your
second paragraph introduces the questions you intend to answer
in the article, and the slant you’ll take on the subject. This
is your opportunity to show the editor why your article is
unique. If you have unusual information or have interviewed
experts, include that in this paragraph.

The third paragraph states the market for this topic. Show
you’ve done your research and explain why your article would
appeal to the magazine’s readership. You should know that your
particular slant on the topic hasn’t been done before (search
magazine databases at the library under subject headings), so
tell the editor of your findings.

Your final paragraph includes any pertinent information about
yourself. List previous writing credits, areas of expertise that
are related to your article, writing organizations to which you
belong. Anything that gives you credibility as an author should
be included. If you have no relevant experience, skip this

Some magazines request an annotated bibliography of resources
used in writing the article. This can be attached on a second
sheet of paper. Be sure your letter also includes your full
address, phone number, and email. Submit with a self-addressed,
stamped envelope for the editor’s reply.

It’s best to query one magazine at a time unless you are
slanting the article differently for different publications. If
two magazines request the complete work, send to your preferred
market first. If they buy the piece, be sure you retain the
appropriate rights to write about the same subject for a
different market before submitting a new article elsewhere.

Good Luck!



Don’t squat with your spurs on.

Don’t interfere with something that ain’t botherin’ you none.

Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.

The easiest way to eat crow is while it’s still warm. The colder it gets, the harder it is to swaller.

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’.

If it don’t seem like it’s worth the effort, it probably ain’t.

It don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep.

The biggest troublemaker you’ll probably ever have to deal with watches you shave his face in the mirror every morning.

Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.

If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around.

Don’t worry about bitin’ off more’n you can chew; your mouth is probably a whole lot bigger’n you think.

Always drink upstream from the herd.

Generally, you ain’t learnin’ nothing when your mouth’s a-jawin’.

Tellin’ a man to git lost and makin’ him do it are two entirely different propositions.

If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there with ya.

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.

When you give a personal lesson in meanness to a critter or to a person, don’t be surprised if they learn their lesson.

When you’re throwin’ your weight around, be ready to have it thrown around by somebody else.

Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back.

Always take a good look at what you’re about to eat. It’s not so important to know what it is, but it’s sure crucial to know what it was.

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back into your pocket.

Never miss a good chance to shut up.

Pretty Good Advice Huh?

Another Tale By Grey Wolf

The Legend of The Cedar Tree

Grey Wolf
A long time ago when the Cherokee people were new upon the earth, they thought that life would be much better if there was never any night. They beseeched the Ouga (Creator) that it might be day all the time and that there would be no darkness.
The Creator heard their voices and made the night cease and it was day all the time. Soon, the forest was thick with heavy growth. It became difficult to walk and to find the path. The people toiled in the gardens many long hours trying to keep the weeds pulled from among the corn and other food plants. It got hot, very hot, and continued that way day after long day. The people began to find it difficult to sleep and became short tempered and argued among themselves.

Not many days had passed before the people realized they had made a mistake and, once again, they beseeched the Creator. “Please,” they said, “we have made a mistake in asking that it be day all the time. Now we think that it should be night all the time.” The Creator paused at this new request and thought that perhaps the people may be right even though all things were created in twos… representing to us day and night, life and death, good and evil, times of plenty and those times of famine. The Creator loved the people and decided to make it night all the time as they had asked.

The day ceased and night fell upon the earth. Soon, the crops stopped growing and it became very cold. The people spent much of their time gathering wood for the fires. They could not see to hunt meat and with no crops growing it was not long before the people were cold, weak, and very hungry. Many of the people died.

Those that remained still living gathered once again to beseech the Creator. “Help us Creator,” they cried! “We have made a terrible mistake. You had made the day and the night perfect, and as it should be, from the beginning. We ask that you forgive us and make the day and night as it was before.”

Once again the Creator listened to the request of the people. The day and the night became, as the people had asked, as it had been in the beginning. Each day was divided between light and darkness. The weather became more pleasant, and the crops began to grow again. Game was plentiful and the hunting was good. The people had plenty to eat and there was not much sickness. The people treated each other with compassion and respect. It was good to be alive. The people thanked the Creator for their life and for the food they had to eat.

The Creator accepted the gratitude of the people and was glad to see them smiling again. However, during the time of the long days of night, many of the people had died, and the Creator was sorry that they had perished because of the night. The Creator placed their spirits in a newly created tree. This tree was named a-tsi-na tlu-gv {ah-see-na loo-guh} cedar tree.

When you smell the aroma of the cedar tree or gaze upon it standing in the forest, remember that if you are Tsalagi {Cherokee}, you are looking upon your ancestor.

Tradition holds that the wood of the cedar tree holds powerful protective spirits for the Cherokee. Many carry a small piece of cedar wood in their medicine bags worn around the neck. It is also placed above the entrances to the house to protect against the entry of evil spirits. A traditional drum would be made from cedar wood.

Does the author believe this? Well, lets just say that there is a piece of cedar in my medicine pouch and I carry it always. The Creator did not make the people because of loneliness, but because the Creator wanted to show generosity and love to the people. Accept the blessings and the gifts given and always give thanks for them.

Grey Wolf




As Grey Wolf Told It

Two Wolves

I thought I’d share a story today.

Old grandfather said to his grandson who came to him with anger at a
friend who had done him an injustice ………
I too,at times,have felt a great hate for those that have taken so
much, with no sorrow for what they do.But hate wears you down,and does
not hurt your enemy. It is like taking poison and wishing your enemy
would die.
I have struggled with these feelings many times.

“It is as if there are two wolves inside me :
One is good and does no harm. He lives in Harmony with all around him
and does not take offense when no offense was intended. He will only
fight when it is right to do so, and in the right way. He saves all his
energy for the right fight.

But the other wolf,  Ahhhh!
He is full of anger. The littlest thing will set him into a fit of
temper. He fights everyone, all the time, for no reason. He cannot think
because his anger and hate are so great.It is helpless anger, for his
anger will change nothing .
Sometimes it is hard to live with these two wolves inside me , for
both of them try to dominate my spirit.

The boy looked intently into his grandfathers eyes and asked……..
“Which one wins, Grandfather?”
The Grandfather smiled and quietly said……
“”The one I feed.”
Walk in Peace and Beauty
Grey Wolf

Nice Day Here

Well sun is just a shinning for a change. Cold though, as temperatures got down to around 28 last night with a white frost to wake up to.  Good for sleeping though.  Winds are out of the NW light.   Also calling for sunshine for tomorrow so might get to doing some outside work.   Got the old wood furnace going all day,  put in a few pieces of Ash this morning to get the house warmed up. Sure can tell the difference when you put a piece of that in.  One thing about living here in the country in the middle of no where it sure looks pretty.  I just can’t seem to get enough of it.   Talk soon.

That Time Of Year

Well it’s that time of year most of the things in my  garden has been dug and put away for winter.  I got most mine in a week ago but left the turnips and Brussel Sprouts to last.   I like them to have a touch of frost, seems to make them sweeter.  I have had a lot of folks ask me in the past week how to prepare them for winter. Some folks cover them with wax for myself I find that to much work and to costly.  That’s me though.   What I do is I dig them and then cut off the tops leaving about three or four inches of stem.  I also leave the roots with a touch of dirt on them. Just a few shakes after digging takes off what is necessary. No need to waste all the good earth in ones garden.  I then put them in my root cellar.  I try and keep it around the forty degree mark that seems to be the magic number for vegetables to keep for a few months.  Once in there they will keep most the winter but when they do start to get a wee bit soft my wife takes them, cuts them into quarters and blanches them.  Then puts them in meal size plastic bags and throws them in the freezer. No waste.   More Later.


Yep you guessed it. Rained here all day again. Oh well had a dry summer so the old trees and thing needs to store up for winter.  Reason for everything they say.   Temperatures got up to 45 today with winds out of the NW, light.   I had about four cords of white oak that I got from a good friend a couple years ago so put it in the basement for winter. I don’t know about that stuff as it just wouldn’t burn.  It was dry enough but just wouldn’t burn.  After burning firewood for heat for over fifty years never had such a thing. So I came up with a plan today. Went out to the wood shed and brought in my splitting ax and went to work. Managed to split the whole four cords so I got to tell  you there should be no problem now with burning it. Should be good enough for kindling, just kindin. On another note the leaves off all the hardwoods have pretty well had their day.  Sure was pretty this Fall taking them all in. One thing about up here we have about two scenes to take in. First the Maples come on with all their splendor, then the white birch and tamarack start loosing their leaves and needles.  I just can’t seem to get enough of it.     Talk Later.

Not A Bad Day.

Well had a pretty good day here for a change, weather wise. Temperatures got up to around 60 most the day. Also had sunshine for most the day too. Later in the afternoon I looked up in the sky and seen some Mares Tails,  which in other words is clouds that looks like a Mares Tail.   That is a sure sign that rain is on the way in the next 24 hours or so.  Also the old weathers stick is pointed down so another sign of rain.   One doesn’t really need to watch the weather on TV to find out what the weather will be if he or she just pays a bit of attention to the sky and different things around them.  Old ways but good ways.  Winds today were from the SW light. Also the moon was full the past day or so,  or almost,  so this time of year with the full moon the weather usually changes,  which is usually colder.   So far this year we have had around three good frosts.   Got the old wood furnace going here all day today  and it sure feels good.  Takes the dampness right out of the old bones.  Talk soon.

Cancelled For This Week

H folks well just got an E-Mail from the Nugget and they aren’t going to put in my Column this week due to space shortage.  Hmmm.  Well not much one can do so the story that I mentioned won’t be in till next Saturday.  Sorry about that and hope this isn’t a regular thing as I know how many folks look forward to reading them.  Talk Soon/.

Country Woman

Country Woman

It was a beauty of a day and I had just come in from doing my chores. I was sitting in my most favorite spot, in the wood box in the corner and listening to Reg talking to his Grandson and wife. Reg was washing his hands by the sink and listening to what they had to say. The Grandson’s wife was looking out the window. ¿I see your wife Laura working in the garden, she sure looks happy out there. It must be nice to not to have to go to work every day like I do. She has the life of Riley living here on the farm, doing what she wants, when she wants, not having to answer to any one. I got to say, I don’t think she would last a week in the city.¿

Reg was standing there taking it all in and then went and sat down at the table. ¿Young lady, I think its about time you and me had a talk. That woman your talking about, is about the hardest working woman I have ever met. She might not have a degree of schooling hanging on the wall, but she has a farm that has risen from the dirt and made into a place we can call home. She is the back bone of this whole farm, without her it would have never happened.

You say she could never live in the city and do your job, well your probably right. She hates the city, as she is a country woman. Country women are a different breed of woman. They are special, she has worked by my side for over fifty years now, through hard times and good times. She has put up with my nonsense, cooked, baked, washed, and knitted my clothes when they had holes. She was there for me when we had no money to hire help, worked in the fields, helped with the milking, delivering new born calves in the middle of winter in the snow. She has helped with getting firewood ready for winter, splitting logs with an Axe, she has planted and worked the family garden, for longer than I can remember and kept it hoed by hand. She has been there for your Father and myself, when we were sick and nursed us back to health. Fixed our cuts and broken bones when no doctor was around. She also has been the love of my life and I will not stand here and let you run a woman down that has done so much.

I don’t blame you though as much as I blame society. You younger folks don’t realize, that if it wasn’t for these hard working country women, you wouldn’t have even been born. All the food that is eaten in your cities, where do you think it comes from? It isn’t grown in a grocery store. Society has you all so strung up on what you think you need in life, that you don’t take time to enjoy life.

You see that woman singing away in the garden? She is enjoying life, doing what she loves and making every minute of every day, count. When she comes in here in a few minutes, I expect you to treat her with respect, as she will you. I have had my say and these words will never leave this room.¿

With that Reg got up and went outside. I watched as the Grandson’s wife got up and went to the sink. She wiped her eyes and then looked over at her husband. I needed that she said. I just never realized what your Grandmother had to go through, or any farmers wife for that matter. They gave each other a hug and went outside to the garden.

I don’t know what was said after that, but for as long as I can remember, I do know this. They became the best of friends from that day on.

Farm women are a different kind of woman I will say that. As my wife, she has been there for me through all our farming days and without her we wouldn’t be where we are today. The old saying, that behind every successful man is a good woman, can wrap this story up all in one sentence.

So there you have it, a conversation that I overheard, that stuck with me through life. I guess I kind of molded my life around that conversation and I do know that when it comes to country women. I got one of the best.

In closing I would like to wish you well.

About Just One More Story

Hi Folks well decided to let you know a bit about how I got into writing and things. It actually happened around 20 some years ago.  I always had the urge to write,  just never knew how to get started. So,  decided on just sitting down and doing it. MY first bit of writing was my Biography which turned out pretty good.  I then decided on writing short stories of something I knew like, farming, woodworking you name it.  Ended up I got to writing of my past life experiences and my old Dad’s and Grandfathers. We all have had quite a life.  If there was any advice I could give to any one that wants to be a writer would be this. Write what you know and you can’t go wrong.  Today I look forward to sitting down and writing up a story or two and it always gives me a good feeling inside when done.  I write now for different Newspapers and magazines.  I am currently working on putting out my first book which should take place next summer, should.  Not cheap doing that I have found,  and it takes a lot of work getting things done up right.  I think I am half way there.   I have planned on taking around 60 of my stories and using them for my book,  time will tell how that goes.  My son Karl put a link on The Old Craftsman’s web site   for those that are interested in Pre-registering  for the book.  Once the book is published and those that have signed up, will then be notified and the book will be mailed out to you or you can pick it up.   Following this post I will put on a story called,  Country Woman. Kind of figured I should let the folks see how I write.   Also if you want further stories to look at there is another link on the Old Craftsman’s site which says Just One More Story.  Click on that and it will show you a list of around 300 stories with a blip of each one.  Can’t beat that huh?    Talk Later.

Weekly Community Voice Column Glimpse

I haven’t been doing to much writing for the Community Voice lately as I have had a real busy summer.  But now that cold weather is settling in I have a bit more time,  so wrote up one. It was called Fall Is In The Air.   It is about getting ready for fall with  firewood and things, along with a bit on getting the vegetable garden ready  for winter and next spring. So hope you all pick up a copy as there is a lot of good tips and things and of course a bit of my every day humor.   Enjoy and talk to you soon.

Weekly Nugget Column Glimpse

Well figured maybe I might just give you a glimpse of the story that will be in the Nugget each week.  Can’t get into telling you to much as that would kind of take away the whole story.  This week I wrote one up on Messages and how we got them out to folks years ago back on the Dairy farm where I was raised.  I got to say when writing this story a lot came to mind and brought back a lot of fine memories. Folks of today would probably wonder how we made out as good as we did back then, but we did ok.  The Story is called Messages but we will see what the paper calls it as they have a Tendency of changing the titles on me.  But what can you do.  At any rate look for it this week in the North Bay Nugget.  Talk Soon

Cool Damp Old Day

Well got up early here today and sure glad I got most all the outside work done yesterday as temperature has dropped quite a bit. Temperatures today are around 47 degrees, cloudy and rain. Winds from the NW.  So decided on staying inside for today. Wifes brother is in for a visit and being an electrician he is going to do some work for us.  Got the old wood furnace going today again.  Sure feels good too.   One thing about wood heat takes the cold right out of ones body.  We have an old gravity fed furnace and it can take a good size log.   Burning old white oak right now as it don’t throw off as much heat as the Ash or Maple.  Saving the good stuff for when the temperatures really drop.   Looked out today after cleaning up the leaves and things yesterday and one wouldn’t know he did it. Oh well will more leaves for the gardens later on.  Might get another chance to clean them up if not they will be there in the spring. Still got to plant my garlic yet but got the ground ready for it. Maybe next week.

A Good Day

Well had a busy day here but a good day got up to around 77 degrees here today, can’t beat that. Trying to get things done up before the cold weather sets in which is suppose to be later on this week. Going down to around 20 Degrees F it says. I still like the old scale in telling temperatures and things. Guess to old to change. Either that of just refuse to change, think that is more like it. Got all the leaves cleaned up and put it in the gardens and the straw I bought last week I put it down also. Then got out the old tiller and went to work. Looks good now and it has all winter to rot. Come Spring we will be in good shape. One has to remember that the Fall of the year is every bit as important as the spring in preparing the soil. I don’t use chemicals any more. Ever since we sold the farm I decided not to use it any more. Just to much of it out there and folks are suffering for it more every day. I also went out to the bush and cut some good branches for my weather sticks for next Summer as they seem to be a big hit in our small store. Simple things that tells folks when nice or stormy weather is about to hit. I some times think the old way is better than the new way., I do have a weather station thought my Son Karl set up for me you can click on to the link on the right if you like and have a look. He has it set up real nice and it uploads to the net every ten minutes or so. Nice to have back here in the bush were we live as one never knows what is going to happen. Well it’s Moose season here right now I don’t get out much any more. Not that I don’t have my licence or nothing I do just haven’t felt up to it these past couple years but might get the urge to go deer hunting next month. The first two weeks of November is deer season so figure I might try it out for a change been awhile. Folks have been getting their freezers full of moose meat this year so that is good. A lot of folks rely on it as a meat supply for winter around here. I know some are against hunting and things but one has to realize its a way of like in some parts. Big event when it opens as most all the stores close down for the first week of the season. I also dug up some roots from my ASPARAGUS patch today and planted it in a new garden down below our house. I just got it growing but put in some raspberry plants last year and they kind of took over so figured I like rasberies better so moved the Asparagus. I did leave a few so I would have some for next year. I also dug up the turnips and got them in the cold room for winter so should be eating pretty good here this winter. Well guess thats it for now. Talk soon.

How¿s she going?

Well Still raining here as it has been for the past week or so. Calling for a bit of sunshine for tomorrow so got my fingers crossed. I do got some garden work to do yet with covering the berries with straw and working in the leaves and some more straw into the vegetable gardens. I got out my old tiller last week so it will make things easier. Once and awhile I like to use the shovel and turn it all over but now that I am getting a weeee bit older I am finding the tiller is a bit easier. Got the old wood furnace going here today again. Started early this season burning wood but it sure feels good. I also filled up the oil tank as a back up so that should last us around two years or so. This morning I have been working on another short story for my column and just about got it finished so if things go right might get to starting another one this afternoon. Talk later.


Well another day here in the small quiet town of Port Loring. Had a good breakfast and now settling down to do a bit of writing for a column that I put out each week. You know I got to thinking here about this Blog thing and for most parts I don’t think there will be much adding to different Categories for now as when I talk it is usually here in the Uncategorized one. Simpler I think and if any one wants to read what I have to say its right up front. I guess I am a up front sort of feller anyways. I did manage to get one story ready for press this morning and got it Edited up. I do all my own editing pretty well other than my wife and boys giving me a bit of their wisdom once and awhile. Some I take some I don’t. My writing style is different than mosts. I use simple words and phrases and over the years seem to like them. The story today is on giving (Advice). Can’t get into the whole story but will say this. Never tell folks what they should or should not do. I try and show by passed life experiences when I go to help folks. At least then I know what I am talking about. Well guess will go will probably be back later on just that I got another story that came to mind so had better get it on paper. That’s a good tip on want to be writers. Write things down as soon as you can or for sure you will forget it. Taker easy.

Good Morning

Well got up this morning to the first heavy frost. Guess I should have covered up the strawberries last night. OH well they will survive I am sure. I do got some leaves so will throw them around the plants some time today. Sunny here this morning and temperatures are at 32 degrees F. I still go by the old scale. For those that is interested you can have a look at the weather station on the net its located at: Data is uploaded around every ten minutes or so. It is also a good time for one to plant their garlic for next summer. I got to go

Author, Columnist, and Podcaster