You know I got to thinking about fresh home grown onions.  For years my old Mom used to eat raw onions every day.  I never thought anything about it for years but then got to thinking.  That woman never had a cold in her life.  I would think that’s almost a miracle in itself.  She chocked it up to onion eating.  I also eat a lot of onions and think it is a real easy,  way of staying healthy.  Last year I put enough sets that gave us around 40 pounds this fall and so far we have eaten half of them, guess I will have to put in more this coming spring.  My wife puts them in everything or most everything.   Yep a lot of old time remedies worked well back when and in my eyes we would be a lot better off if we went back to them old ways.  Talk Soon

Old Sink

Well found an old cast iron beige sink awhile back.  Has one large side and a smaller sink on the other side. They used to make them for washing vegetables.  It sure is different but I got a different woman than most folks,  as she likes them kind of things.  Took me the better part of the day to get it installed with my brother in laws help,  but once all said and done it looks great.  Got to say the thing weighs a ton and sure glad a fellow doesn’t have to lift it any more. Took me six times putting it in to get it to work.  One thing for certain no one will be running off with it.   The old sinks like that are real hard to find any more and I don’t know why folks don’t like them.  They sure look nice and when you put hot or cold water in them they hold the temperature.  Well it’s in with new taps and drains.  Full days work but well worth the time and trouble.  Talk Soon.

Great Day

Well got up this morning to some cold temperatures of around 10 with light snow.   Wife is making a tea and we both are looking out. I got to say every window is like a picture living here in the country.  The turnips were a hit last night that I put out yesterday as I think we must have around twenty deer come for a snack.  So that’s good they didn’t go to waste.  Got the shop stove going and house wood furnace going so things are getting warmed up a bit.  One just likes the thick blankets on mornings like this.  But life moves on and the wife and I can’t wait each morning to get into our day.   Egg delivery this morning also so lots going on.  Talk Soon

Just Another Day

Well been busy the past few days here working in the old shop on a few gifts and things.  Got lots to do but just don’t feel like doing them and thing is I don’t have to any more if I don’t feel like it.   That’s the nice thing about semi retiring as some folks would say.  I don’t call it retiring as I don’t believe there is such a thing, as if your a man you never really stop doing things in life.  Well should take that back, the part of being a man,  as I do know plenty of women who are real hard workers and always doing something.  Even more so than the men in some cases.   At any rate I did get to cleaning out the cold room down stairs and found I had a few soft turnips, potatoes and things,  reason being I forgot to open the vent which lets in the cold air.  So lost a few,  but they didn’t go to waste,  as I put them out for the deer.  Talk Soon

Port Loring Weather

Well not much going on here weather wise. Snow has stopped and sun has shown itself all day today.  Other than being pretty cold as temperatures got down to minus -6 F last night and only highs of around 10 F today it was a good day.  I will say this though one sure appreciates his nice warm shop through out the day and his house in the evening after work. Talk Soon.

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   5/12 17:59:41  
  1.3             Display:    Clock/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok 
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature:  5.5 F Hi 56.7 F  4/12 13:06    70.2 F Hi 73.8 F  4/12 20:23  
                    Lo -4.7 F  5/12  7:46           Lo 58.5 F  2/12  7:53  
   Humidity:   47 % Hi   81 %  2/12 16:45      29 % Hi   33 %  3/12 17:39  
                    Lo   46 %  5/12 12:56           Lo   28 %  1/12 21:45  
  Dew Point:   32 F Hi   32 F  1/12 20:00      36 F Hi   41 F  2/12 15:41  
                    Lo   32 F  1/12 20:00           Lo   32 F  2/12  0:08  
Wind Gust:310NW @  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:310NW @ 20.1 mph    3/12 21:00  
      Avg:310NW @  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:   5 F   Lo: -18 F  3/12 15:22  
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.04 in Total:32.87 in since  1/ 1  0:00  
Barometer: Rising at 29.00 in  29.88 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Sunny

The Old Woodworking Shop

Around this time of year my old shop starts to get busy. The main reason is there is always a few presents that has to be made for Christmas,  along with my lovely wife wanting a few projects done up.  In other words us woodworkers call that Honey Do Projects.  I can’t think of anything more that gives me such pleasure than working out there where it’s warm  looking out at the snow covered gardens that I have out back.  Sort of a piece of contentment I guess one might say.  Once and awhile my wife comes out to chat, which we do a lot of by the way.  We call our breaks,  Talk A Tea and Talk A Water and around two, Talk A  Coffee.  Sounds kind of crazy in most folks eyes I suppose,  but that is what they are.  I got to say this we sure enjoy each others company.  Has been that way for over thirty years now.  Once the Christmas orders are done up I will get back to making my Native American Flutes along with my wife whom makes  them look beautiful after my part is done,  which fill our store from wall to wall come spring.  They also give me great pleasure, as I can find nothing more special than taking a piece of old time forgotten wood and making it sing.  Well,  home made chicken soup here is on the menu,  so figure I should go and get a bowl. Talk Soon.

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