Slowly Killing Ourselves

If you talk to people about health, medications, toxic chemicals and food, you’ll quickly come to realize that most people have very little knowledge of reality in these areas. And yet, ignorance is often bliss because these people can just wolf down a cheeseburger, get vaccine shots, drink fluoridated water and take all sorts of toxic chemical medications without even a hint of concern (that is, until a few years later when all the toxic build-up starts to kill them).

So what to do? Simple.  Take back your life as you control what you put in it.  Your going to have to work hard though as most things out there today isn’t good for you.  In other words you are going to have to become more self efficient.  Just one more reason to get out there and plant your own garden.  At the very least buy organic, but in saying that make sure it is what it says it is before you buy.  My Opinion Only

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