Don’t Be Fooled Live Your Own Life

People living in areas with more parks, trees and grass live longer and happier lives, with less violence and improved mental and physical health, according to research presented at the conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago.

I have been saying this for years.  Thing is nature is where we come from, were we are suppose to be, and, where we all end up.  Thing is  most can’t see it.  For me though, it’s like looking at a huge wall, it’s right there in front of me, can’t miss it.   So…………….don’t get wrapped up in the world of today, don’t be fooled by what the Powers That Be keep on tellin’ ya, as they don’t want you to believe that you can achieve what you want in life.  They want control over you, they don’t want you to think on your own.  Now get out there and enjoy your life to the fullest.  Live for today, make plans, and enjoy  nature, it’s all around you, as it is what you are.   My Opinion Only.

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