Allergies And What You Can Do

Well……….. this is the time of year, that young ones, along with older folks get to honkin’ and sniffin’. Some call it allergies.  Myself, I call it  nature.  Thing is, one has to remember that all these things in the air that are causing our nose to run and things, are a part of living, a piece of the big picture, one might say.  As soon as some folks sneeze once, in the house they go, or head off to the drug store for a cure, or, if that don’t work they go to their doctor for some other kind of drugs.  I feel that 90% of all these drugs could and should be eliminated.  I feel we are being used as Ginny pigs,  to be experiment on, and so on, not to forget all the money that is being made by some folks.  So……… you say, OK, you had your opinion, what should I do about it, I am in dire need of some help here.  Well, I say this.  First off, find out what is really bothering you.  What is bothering you is natures way of letting you know you are not doing something right.  What you should be doing through my eyes is forcing yourself to become more accustom to these things.   Let it happen in other words.

You can do one thing though, that will help immensely if needed.  That is to make up a small potion of warm salt water with a touch of baking soda and rinse your nose a couple times a day.  Doing this will still allow you to keep the good bacteria up in there that is needed for good health, and at the same time help you to stop sneezing and things.  Also, eventually you will become accustom to the  new world out there and build up immunities, so eventually you will be able to get out there in the country and enjoy life like you should be doing.  Simple as that. So…….. again, don’t be fooled what the Powers That Be are trying to force down your throat, literary.   Think for yourself. You can do it, I believe in you.  My Opinion Only.

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to order your second book about gardening.
    I missed your signing, that I read about in the Community News on the weekend.
    Can you send me how much $$ I should send?


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