General Motors Funding & Things

You know for most my life I haven’t believed that government ownership of things is right. Why?  Well anyone that works for the Government or any company owned by the Government only cost the tax payers money, and lots of it in my eyes, as  we the people have to foot the bill for anything the Governments do.  Now this funding GM or should say taking part ownership in it sure isn’t a good thing.  GM has been having trouble for years simple as that. Now think about this. Now that the Powers That Be have part ownership in the company what’s to happen with all the other car companies? Simple they are in trouble as you can bet that the Powers To Be now will be spending huge amounts of money trying to get folks to buy GM.  Not a good thing that’s for sure.   I got to say they sure are free with our money these days and to top it all of I never received one phone call asking me what my views were on the subject.  Ha Ha as if that would happen.  My Opinion Only.

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