Insurance Companies Hmmm.

You know folks, every once in awhile something comes along that really bugs me.  Oh…….. I know, some of you think a lot of things bug me, and I guess your right.   Anyways, like today I got my car insurance bill for the year in the mail.  As usual, it has gone up like everything else, but I suspected that.  Thing that got me was that there was an added $60.00 on my total bill.  I called about it and they told me it was an insurance that if I got into and accident that my rates wouldn’t go up and I wouldn’t loose my six star rating. I asked, “well, what would happen if I had an accident?”  They told me I would loose all my stars and my insurance would all but double.  I said, “you mean after dealing with your company for over forty years with no accidents to speak of, you wouldn’t give a fellow a break of some kind if it did happen?”  “Nope, they replied, the only way for you to protect yourself, is to pay the extra cost, which would cover you.”  Now I don’t know about you folks, but I kind of think this is just a bit of a rip offTaking advantage of a fellow in other words.  I am beginning to believe, that insurance companies today don’t like folks with a good track record.  Why would I say that?  Simple.  If one hasn’t had an accident or speeding ticket for sometime they get a low rate, or at least they should be getting a low rate.   So…….. the companies don’t make as much money. All boils down to the almighty dollar.  Again, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what they are up too, and in my case I have a good driving record, as my wife does, so what happens?  I get charged extra.  Some will say, be thankful I have that protection.  I say, we would all be better off without any insurance and go back to fending for ourselves like it was many years ago.  Let their be no suing folks any more and things like that and insurance wouldn’t be needed.    So…… such it is and I will pay it, as us old fellers sure can’t afford to have our insurance doubled if we have an accident, even if I haven’t had one in over thirty some years or so.  So there you have it, I had my say and that in itself is something.  Now, I wonder what the Powers That Be will come up with next that kind of ticks me off?  My Opinion Only.

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