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You know when I get to thinking about health these days I get the feeling that some folks don’t want us to get better.  Take cancer one of the worst diseases going.  After all these years, why hasn’t a cure been found?  Well, I don’t think I have to tell you why a cure hasn’t been found, as I figure most folks already know the answer to that question, or should know.  At any rate.  My way of thinking is that the cure for cancer is in prevention, yep prevention.   Thing is today folks minds have been swayed and some no longer think for themselves.  I kind of figure that maybe there is more than a few out there too, but lets leave it at that for now.  I remember years ago an old doctor friend of mine saying that if folks got more vitamin D and calcium, that cancer could be cut in half if not more.  Where does Vitamin D come from.  The good old sunshine.  Today though they are telling folks to stay  out of the sun as it gives one cancer.  I say, all the things they are selling you to protect you from the sun is a lot of the problem. Today folks hardly get outside at all any more. Sit here right where I am now behind a computer, inside, no sun can get near a fellow or a gal.  Thank goodness I only do my writing for a short time, as I am outside in the sunshine for most the day, hours on end.  Sure you have to ease your way into the sunshine if you  aren’t used to it but like anything else think moderation.   Remember that us humans are a part of nature, so get outside and enjoy it, as without it, we are nothing. So……………… again, don’t be fooled, do your own thinking and as my old Dad used to say and I like this one.  Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.  My Opinion Only.

Here is another view on the subject, not mine, but something to think about. Take A Look

One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is, ironically, cancer. It’s a classic example of conventional medicine: The “treatment” for the disease promotes yet more disease, resulting in guaranteed repeat business from patients (“customers”) who are never allowed to cure anything. Instead, diseases are “managed” with a lifetime of drugs, repeat doctor visits and complete isolation from anything that might actually cure the patient and end the cycle of dependency on doctors and pharmaceuticals. Hmmmmm.

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