Sunshine, Vitamin D, Sunburn Help, And Summer

Well summer is on the way and sunshine is in abundance.  Sure is nice to sit outside on a nice sunny day and enjoy a coffee and take in Mother Nature as it happens. My wife and I live in the country, or should say surrounded by bush and miles away from the nearest city.  It’s a great life, and we can’t get enough of it.  With the sunshine now I hear all the time of the Powers That Be telling folks to stay out of the sunshine and if you do go out into it wear Sun-block and things like that. Myself I believe that is the worst thing you can do, as all you are doing is subjecting yourself to all kinds of sickness and  covering your body with not so good chemicals, which your body absorbs right in through the skin.    Sunshine is what the body needs to survive and stay healthy, it’s loaded with Vitamin D and all kinds of good things. Here is what I recommend.  If you’re not used to the sun, ease your way into the sun say for around ten minutes a day, then fifteen minutes a day, and so on.  That way your skin will toughen up and you won’t burn.   Thing is, today most folks figure the sun is bad and that is wrong.   I have been out in the sun for hours on end with a hat for pretty well all my life and never get a sunburn.  Why?  Well my body is used to it and it adapts.  For a healthy body you need sunshine, so read what I just wrote, and get out there this summer and enjoy.  Moderation at first is the key word here folks.  OK so you did what I said and got yourself a wee bit red. What to do  as it hurts?  Well, simple, just get yourself some vinegar as it is an incredible first-aid remedy for dealing with a sunburn. Once applied the soreness will disappear and your redness will be turned into a real nice tan.  Get to putting it on as soon as you come in, as quicker the better.  Have a great summer, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of my new book  called, Join Me In The Garden written by, yours truly.  Loaded with all kinds of good tips and advice.

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