Vaccinations For Mumps, Measles,Chicken Pox, Whooping Cough, Good, Bad, Or Just Plain Nonsence?

For awhile now I have had folks ask me what my true view was on the sickness that is  happening here today.  Well giving it a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that most of all the diseases we have today like Tonsillitis, Ear Infections, some Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, a lot of Flu  and Colds and top of the list cancer, have been brought to us through us  getting vaccinated when we were  young. My personal views on vaccinations is that they should have never been given to anyone. First off when the vaccines were first brought to being and given to children and adults  the diseases like the measles, mumps, chicken pox and whopping cough was already down to just a few.  In other words they were disappearing all on their own. When we started to give folks the vaccinations they actually went up a bit.  Problem was though, that as soon as the vaccinations were started, so did all kinds of other things and that is why today we have so many other problems.  How can you say this?  Well I can say this as it is like looking a huge blank wall, the evidence is right there in front of you and one just has to open ones eyes.  In reality one has to take off the blinders and all will be shown.

Here is my theory. Once the vaccinations were given to children or should say us humans, our body lost a lot of its amunity to things. .as our body didn’t have a chance in doing it on its own.   I feel that if we would have allowed our bodies to fight off these things like measles, mumps and so on, we would all have been a lot better off and stronger for doing so..  Also along with putting these vaccinations into our system we also put in formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury. When we put them toxic drugs into our system we are setting ourselves up for all kinds of new things to happen inside us, like new diseases, which is what is happening today. Might say they all are man made diseases.   Some say, look at overseas,  third world countries,  so many young ones are dying from just the measles alone and vaccinating them would save thousands.  I say they are not really dying from the measles, they are dying because of lack of nourishment in their diets.  If you gave these folks good food or showed them how to grow their own, along with vitamin A  and others, it would eventually wipe out them diseases all on their own and again their bodies would be a lot more stronger in doing so.  I also say things like the measles are in reality good for us. Myself I have had them all, not one of them put me in bed for any length of time or hurt me.  My body recognized them and dealt with them all on its own. How? Simple, I had a healthy environment and my body was well nourished.  Some say hey now how could the Powers That Be allow this to happen.  Simple, for one thing, after all these years they sure would have a hard time admitting to folks that they made a huge mistake.  Isn’t going to happen.  I can also give you a billion more reasons.  What are they? Well it’s a billion dollar a year buisness for the drug companies.  That should sum it up in a nutshel.  I got a bit more to say on the subject and will write up another post in the coming days.  Remember this is my opinion only.

2 thoughts on “Vaccinations For Mumps, Measles,Chicken Pox, Whooping Cough, Good, Bad, Or Just Plain Nonsence?”

  1. Good question for sure. The only thing we can do is try and eat good organic food,if you can grow your own even better. Hard thing to do for most folks. Myself I would stay away from new vaccines. Again it’s hard for folks to make up ones mind on what is right or wrong as for years now most what they have been telling us through my eyes isn’t the complete truth. So………..get to eating good, get lots of rest, enjoy the sunshine, that will build your body back up to where it is suppose to be and enjoy life and the big one, eliminate fear from your mind, forever. Thanks for saying hello.

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