My Feelings On Some Things & A Good Old Time Plant Comes To The Rescue. Comfrey.

OK, for the past few days I have given you my outlook on a few things pertaining to life, and even got a bit into my life, how I do things, feel and see things.  Remember now, that these are my views on things and mine aloneSome might not think like I do, and I suspect a lot of folks don’t, but something inside me the past few years has been pushing me to get my views on things out into the open.  I like to think it is a good thing, ways of helping folks, bringing things to light on different items.  Might say, a different outlook on life. Not that I am, telling, asking or trying to change your way of thinking, as I am not.  So … that’s that.

On another note, one item that comes to mind that folks can get a lot of help from is the weed, or some call a herb, is Comfrey.  Comfrey is one plant that I use a lot around our home here. I have used it to treat broken bones, swellings, torn ligaments, hernias, arthritis, wrinkles, blisters, stretch marks, cuts, bruises, well the list goes on and on. It is a very safe plant to use and unbelievably easy to make an ointment out of.  Here is how I make my ointment.  First I pick some real nice looking leaves from the plant, around fifteen so. Kind of depends on how big they are, mine is usually about medium in size.  I then lay them on the grass and wash them real good with a hose. I then shake them dry and lay them all out on the picnic table to dry in the sun.  One has to turn them a few times throughout two days, but after that you are in business.  I then crush them up dry, and put them in a masonry jar. Fill it just about full.  I then take some extra virgin olive oil and cover them totally.  Using a stick I push the oil down all around the leaves, until they are all soaked real good and  no bubbles left in the jar. I then take the ring and put a paper towel under it and screw it back on the jar.  Acts like a lid, but still allows it to breath.   Now I just sit it on the kitchen counter and in about three to six weeks, I have the greatest healing ointment you can get.  After about three to six weeks I strain it through some cheese cloth and set it in the medicine cabinet.  That’s it, you’re in business.  So there you go, a bit of old time wisdom once again, comes to the rescue and saves a fellow or gall all kinds of grief. OK, now is saying this, one should make sure your not allergic to the plant. Easy way is to crush up a fresh leaf and rub it on your wrist. If it doesn’t turn red you’re in business.  Just a small spot, about the size of a quarter will do it.  Also, I only use it externally.  Enjoy Summer!


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