My THEORY About Fear & What It Has Done To Us Humans

I wrote an article on how bad I think Vaccinations are for you and some have asked.  What can we do about it? Well, that is a hard question to answer, but I feel I have the answer. Might not be what you want to hear, but here it is.   Take A Look.

Years ago throughout Canada and the USA lived the Indian or if you like, Native folks.  These folks lived off the land without any of the homes we have today and ate what every grew around them.  They were, in my eyes the healthiest of all the people in the world.   Then came the white man. The Natives helped them get over their sickness and from that day forward, it was all down hill for them.   Actually, they were almost wiped off the face of the earth.  I feel, the reasoning behind all that has been done on this earth,  can all be summed up with one word, “Fear.”  Fear is something that everyone  has in them, but Fear, to the Natives was almost unheard-of.  They had no fear of dying, or, all that was around them.  If something came up, they figured out what to do about it, corrected it, and went about their day.  The white man seen this, and it bothered them to no end, so they brought  White Man Made Religion into their lives.  Was a hard thing to do, but they did it eventually.  With religion they could change their thinking and make fear the prominent ingredient.  They told them, if you don’t worship our god, you would go to hell, or a place not so good, might say they put the fear of god in them.  The ones that, couldn’t be changed, fought for their way of life and …  most died tryingWhat a shame.  For myself, there is no hell, I just shake my head when folks get to chattin’ about them things.  Just a waste of time and energy. The things, I brought on board throughout my being, is what I can see, smell, hear, feel, or taste. One other, I give some mind to, is Intuition, but that is all, “Nothing Else.”  Got to say, I have had a real nice life too, thus far.  I figure, I am in a group of around 25% in this world, but we are growing in numbers each day, as folks are taking the blinders off slowly, and taking a serious look at what is around them.

OK,  the Natives were hooked and fear was a dominate factor in their lives.  Now along came, yep your right,  Governments, I call them Powers That Be. The only way for them to succeed and grow,  was for them to keep this fear growing throughout us humans, and right up till today, they have done a good job at it too.   Then came banks, they would say they took fear away from folks, but in reality they added to it more than one can ever imagine.  Doesn’t take a lawyer to figure them out.     Pharmaceutical companies, health officials, you name it then came on board, and today I would say  that fear is in every ones mind for most their conscious day. Kind of like a drug, as once you start it on its way, it is almost impossible to stop it.    Fear is something not to take lightly. It  grows inside us and thrives the more we use it.  It has started wars, and killed more people than any other thing on this earth. It needs to grow and for years now it has.  But things are slowly changing as there is a few of us that know, and can see what it is doing, how it has changed folks thinking, and them few are slowly bringing it out into the open,  so folks can see what is happening.  The bottom  line is this.  If fear is left to carry on  and us humans keep feeding it, we will continue to get sick.  We will continue to let others run our life, and given time we humans, will perishAgain, what a shame, as if we would have just taken a bit of the Natives way, into our life way back when, this world would probably be free of wars, sickness, cults, man made religion, well, to many to name. So … my advice to folks today is this,  steadily work on the fear inside of you, and when ever it shows its ugly head, laugh it right out of your mind, get rid of it, fast. My Opinion Only, As Usual.

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