Tomatoes For Heart Disease,Cancer,The List Goes On

For a long time now here on my Blog, I have been letting folks know the benefits on eating healthy foods. Like Broccoli and Tomatoes for the prevention of Cancer.   Scientists now  say, that a natural ingredient  in tomatoes, taken daily, can stave off heart disease, strokes and lower Cholesterol immensely.  On the cholesterol part, I don’t believe there is such a thing as bad cholesterol, I just think it’s a ploy to make billions of dollars, but that is my thinking alone. So there you have it, just one more reason to pick up a copy of my new gardening book called,  Join Me In The Garden” and get to planting your own veggies.  The book though doesn’t just stop there, as there is all kinds of other things through out it. Like how to make your own medicines out of plants, recipes, even a few good old time stories that came my way over the years, and,well just to many to name.  Have a great day and get out there and make yourself a fresh tomato sandwich for lunch.  Home made bread preferably. My Opinion Only

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