Don’t Be Fooled When It Comes To Eating Properly

Things folks are going to have  to start realising is that all food isn’t good for you. My wife and I having farmed most our lives and supplying fresh vegetables, fruits and things to the public. you might say we know a touch more than most of what is really getting into the food chain. Not in a bragging way don’t think that,  just that we have dealt with these things most our life.  Food is life and it is something we can’t do with out and these huge companies know this and are now trying to take control of the farming industry.  And I should say they are doing a good job at it too, as most of all the small time farmers are gone.  What a shame, I always say a once self efficient country like Canada, now having to rely on other countries or huge corporations.  Just not right folks, and for your sake I am hoping more will stand up and speak out for what is right.

The chemical commonly used to ripen fruits commercially is ethephon (2-chloroethylphosphonic acid), which penetrates into the fruit and decomposes to ethylene.  This stuff in itself isn’t good for you.

You have to remember that when you see nice looking fruit from other countries like China and so on in the stores here in Canada, that they aren’t shipped to us ripened, they are shipped to us green. As if they didn’t they would all be rotten when they arrived. SO, if you pick fruit when it is green or not ripened in other words, all the goodness hasn’t been developed yet and in turn you are not getting the things that your body needs when you get to eating them.  Like take cows, chickens and pigs, they are pumped full of all kinds of chemicals, drugs and who knows what, so they grow fast and fat. Most never see the light of day, or for that matter even have a chance to take a walk around the barn yard. Some never get to put one foot in front of the other.  They say this is the only way they can feed the world.  I say that is crazy talk.  It all boils down to money.  If the old farmers were still out there in the fields like they were years ago, there would be lots of food for folks. You might have to buy it directly from them, or a fruit stand out by the road, or a farmers market, but at least you would be eating healthy and good quality food, food that does your body good.  Now the farms are pretty well owned or controlled by huge corporations and the ones that still owns their own farm. are told what they can grow, how much they can grow, what seeds to use, like generic and so on.  You call this farming?  I don’t I call this farming at all. I could tell you what I really think it is but I won’t as it wouldn’t help one bit.  So folks all that I can say is don’t buy food that is not in season here in Canada, support your farmers, speak out against these things like Generic food and seeds, pesticides and so on.  When our fruit and veggies comes into  stores buy up what you can and put enough away for winter. The way to do this, simple, get back into doing up preserves and things.  Sure it takes some time, but as I keep on saying. How much is your health worth to you. Most folks care more for their own car than they do their own body today.   Better yet get out there and plant your own garden. I figure if you own a bit of property there is no reason to not having something growing through the nice sunny days of summer. It’s all up to you.  My opinion only.

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