Generic Food & Seeds Say No

The thing folks are going to have to deal with and deal with it fast, is this Generic food that they are putting out there today.  Things is most just don’t realise what it is doing to us humans.   If you take a look at some of these big farms through out the USA you will see that they are owned by the Pharmaceutical companies.  Right there that should send up some red flags.   If this is allowed to get going which it is already, they will have control of what ever they want to put into your food. You won’t know what they are doing to you.  This is not a good thing.  I do see though that folks are standing up for what is right and some big companies are noticing. Like Wall-mart,  They are now heading out to the farmers that grow organic and talking to them. You can see on their shelves now lots of organic things which is a good sign.  Just need to get more.  The only one that can change this before it is to late, is you.  What you have to do is stop buying this generic stuff and go organic.  I know it is going to cost you a touch more, but what is your health worth to you.  Other ways is to grow your own, get out on a weekend and go to a farmers market.  Stop in and see a farmer and ask some questions like is your crops organic or is your meat, chickens and pork let loose to eat good old grass and things.  Free range they are calling them.   All kinds of things you can do, and if a lot of folks get to doing what is right, no matter how large these companies are, they will have to listen.  Just got to say no……………………… Generic, and don’t give in, your life might depend on it.  My Opinion Only

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