Truth About Good Old Peanut Butter & Other Things

I have heard that some say that low fat peanut butter is good for you.  Better than the regular.  Let me tell ya in my eyes it is all a scam, folks trying to pick up some extra money using the low fat thing.  Don’t believe it not only for peanut butter but for most other items also.

In reality a tub of reduced-fat peanut butter indeed comes with a fraction less fat than the full-fat variety—they’re not lying about that. But what the food companies don’t tell you is that peanut oil—the fat in peanut butter—is a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat that can actually help fight weight gain, heart disease and diabetes.  This means you’re trading the healthy fat from peanuts for empty carbs, double the sugar, and a savings of a meager 10 calories.  Now the next time you go shopping, what are you going to do? Pick up all those low calorie items?  Or go back to what our body was intended to eat.  Food for thought.




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