Good Old Bacon Versus Turkey Bacon

Pork bacon’s are no good the health folks say, but is turkey bacon really any better?

My advice is stick with the regular bacon. As far as calories go, the difference between “healthy” turkey bacon and regular bacon—and depending on the slice, turkey would tip the scales a wee bit more.  Also while turkey is indeed a leaner meat, turkey bacon isn’t made from 100 percent bird: One look at the ingredients list will show a long line of suspicious additives and extras that can’t possibly add anything of nutritional value. And finally, the sodium content of the turkey bacon is actually higher than what you’ll find in regular bacon—so if you’re worried about your blood pressure, or gaining weight stick with  the original.   Myself I have cut back on eating bacon, not that I don’t love it, as I do, just that to much of a good thing ends up not being so good. Moderation folks, is what we all have to learn, including myself.  My Opinion Only

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