Warm Day Here In Port Loring

Well we got rid of  a bit of ice along my roof edge.   But thinkin’ we will be needing another day or so of warm weather to finish things.  But………they say no, so might have to live with what we got rid of thus far, until spring arrives.  I also am predicting an early spring for us up her in the north. Hate going out on a limb saying that, but if I don’t I will regret I didn’t in the coming days.   Another good thing with this warm weather my wood furnace has been given a bit of a reprieve, which makes me happy as we can ease up on the wood burning.  Now don’t get me wrong we have more cold weather in the future heading our way starting tomorrow, but I am thinking it won’t last.   So enjoy your snowmobile and ice fishing while you can, as old Mother Nature has plans for us know it all humans in the coming weeks.  Ok with me too, as I am looking forward to gettin’ my new cedar strip boat in the water come the 24th of May.  Well maybe not brand new, but new to me after restoring it last summer.  Will write another post on that in the coming days.  Have a good one.

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