Enjoy Your Salt, In Moderation

You know for years I have said that salt isn’t the problem of one getting high blood pressure or other heart problems.  Reason being that our body needs a great amount of salt to survive.   In that itself it should have shown folks of what road to choose when it comes to keeping ones body healthy.  For most parts it was a ploy to throw ones mind off into a different direction by the corporations  as if one is healthy no one makes money.  The finding today is that, people who ate lots of salt were not more likely to get high blood pressure, and were less likely to die of heart disease than those with a low salt intake, in a new European study.  Now in saying all this one shouldn’t just run out and start pouring on the salt, as with our diet in today’s world there is plenty of salt in the food we are now cooking.  So moderation folks and don’t let these so high power folks get to swaying your mind from what is right.  My opinion only.

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