Port Loring’s News, Weather & Hunting Times Tuesday, November 22 2011

Nice looking morning.  Hope all is well with you folks. Temperature is going to reach 38 °f today and then drop to  24 °f later on this evening.  Barometer is steady at 29:47 in Hg.  Winds are from the South and calm.  Temperatures when I got up this morning at 7:00 AM were 23 degrees.   The moon will Rise: 4:09 AM & Set: 2:44 PM.  It will be Overhead: 9:33 AM & Underfoot: 10:01 PM.

Moon Phase is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 9% percent waning crescent  9%   Waning Crescent.

Our old sun got out of bed at 7:28 AM & will Set: 4:40 PM.  That in itself gives us 9 hrs. & 12 minutes of daylight.   We lost two minutes from yesterday. But soon things will be heading the other way.

For those out bow hunting today the old weather stick says the best times to be out there will be from 9:33 AM – 11:33 AM and then again from 2:44 PM – 3:44 PM.  Good luck to ya and stay safe.

News in and around Port Loring.

There is a few events going on at the Legion here in town, you can check them out by going to Events on the main page under Community.   This time of year the Legion is what keeps our small town active, so if at all possible drop by sometime and take part in some of the events.  If not the events just to say hi to the folks that keep it going, along with the members.

Today I am in the shop again working on some flutes.  Like to get them behind me before Christmas as this new novel I have been working on is nagging   at me to get writing.  So will be giving it the attention it deserves in a month or so.

My book signings are about wrapped up for this year and I am not planning on putting a new book out come spring.  If things goes right the spring of 2013 will be when the next one arrives but this time it will be a fiction novel.  Kind of like to let myself go for a change and not directly relate the stories to myself, family or friends.  Will be a great book my friends when all said and done.   Well tea time here, my wife and I enjoy a cup or two every morning before we start our day and do some serious chatting.  LOL LOL  Been that way now for over thirty some years.  Enjoy your day, get some fresh air with some sunshine, eat right and rely on yourself for what ails ya and I will be here again tomorrow morning.

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