Weather & News For Port Loring Ontario

Good morning.  Well cloudy day here this morning but should see a bit of sunshine through out the day if things goes to plan.  Daytime temperature is going to reach 26 °f  then dropping to 19 °f  later on tonight.  Barometer is holding steady at 28.97 in Hg.   Winds are from the North and calm at the moment.   Had a bit of snow through the night but no accumulation to speak of.   The moon will rise 11:20 AM & set at 12:38 PM.
Overhead: 5:56 PM
Underfoot: 5:35 AM

Moon phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 45% percent waxing crescent 45% Waxing Crescent.

The sun woke this morning at 8:00 AM and will set at  4:43 PM, giving us here in Port Loring 8 hrs. 43 mins. of daylight.

News For Port Loring & District

Well still pretty quiet around town.  Most folks are just taking it easy I suspect.   Yesterday we went to town to pick up a few things and I have to say the stores were packed full.  Thing is most were carrying packages and things, so that is a sign folks are spending.  Which is what we need to keep this old economy perkin’ away as it should be. Not what the Powers That Be would like you to think, but don’t take much to look through their shenanigans LOL So my friends have a great day an will be back here when a new day dawns.

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