Weather & News For Porl Loring Ontario Tuesday, January 03 2012

Morning folks.  Well it’s cold out there this morning.  Temperatures was down to minus 15 Fahrenheit when I got up at 7:00 AM.  Or for those on the Celsius scale -26.   Daytime temperature is going to reach 3 °f then dropping  to -8 later on this evening.  So another cold night heading our way. Should help in freezing over the lakes for those that enjoy ice fishing.  The barometer this morning is slowly rising and at the moment sitting at 29;32 in Hg.  Winds are from the North West at around 10 MPH.

Moon Data
Rise: 12:37 PM
Set: 2:43 AM
Overhead: 8:07 PM
Underfoot: 7:44 AM

Moon Phase
Solunar Table Moon Phase is 72% percent waxing gibbous

The sun is shining out there this morning and it rose at 8:00 AM & will set: 4:45 PM, giving us 8 hrs. 45 mins. of daylight here in Port Loring. Gaining one minute each day.  Makes me smile.

News For Port Loring & District

Still  quiet out there.  For most parts a lot of folks are having a hard time starting their old cars. Myself I plug mine in every night, as with the temperatures we get in this country it is sure hard on a car or truck starting them up cold.  One might think it costs a bit for hydro but end results folks, it is easier on the pocket book plugging them in.  Myself these days I am into doing some shop work.  Got the old wood stove perkin’ away yesterday and today will get to making my flutes and things for our small store for spring.  I enjoy working away out there, gives me a purpose in life one might say.  That’s just one of many I enjoy though.  Well tea time here, one of my most favorite times enjoying a tea and chatting to my lovely wife.  So you have a great day and dress warm if your going outside.  Don’t need anyone catching a cold.

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