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Good morning.  Bit cooler here this morning.  Woke up to temperatures of 9 degrees.  Daytime temperature is going to reach 25 °f and then drop to 7 °f at night.  Still not bad considering the time of year.  Barometer is rising and at the moment its sitting at 29.41 in Hg.  Wind are calm coming in from the North East.  The moon will Rise today at 4:33 PM & will  set at 7:16 AM. It will be overhead at 12:00 AM & underfoot at 11:54 AM11:01 AM.  Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 100% percent waxing gibbous 100% Waxing Gibbous. The sun showed herself this morning at  7:59 AM & she will set  at 4:51 PM, giving us 8 hrs. 52 mins. of daylight.  Not to bad and gaining instead of burning daylight as each day goes by.  Makes me smile.  Well…. I have had folks calling asking for the best ice fishing times,so guess some of the lakes must be froze over.  So sat down with some data and along with the old weather stick  put together what I feel is the time to be out there.  Today the best time would be from 11:01 AM – 1:01 PM.  The second best times would be from 3:32 PM – 4:32 PM.  Out of say a five star day I give it a four star rating about the best you can get.  Can’t beat that, so no reason for fish not being fried up with a touch of butter tonight comes supper time.

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Nothing much to report here today, folks are off once again to their favorite church or ?  My wife and I are sitting back enjoying a nice warm cup of Salada tea.  We call it talk-a-tea as we do get into some chattin’ now and then.  Been that way every morning now for over forty years and don’t suspect it to change anytime soon.  In closing, a great man said this one time and if one takes a serious look at the way our country is being run this quote should  open your eyes.  I have always said that being silent is our downfall.   Seems to be a trend these days for most. Take a look.  Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.- Martin Luther King


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