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So how you all doing this morning? Good I hope.  Back to work for most and such it should be if one wants to make ends meat.  Daytime temperature is going to reach 35 °f through out the day then drop to 26 °f later on tonight so not a bad day.  Barometer is falling slowly sitting at 29.08 in Hg.  Winds are from the South West and coming in at around 5 MPH.  The moon will rise today 5:41 PM & set at 7:55 AM.  It will be overhead: at 12:20 AM & underfoot at 12:46 PM.  Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 100% percent full moon 100% FULL.   The old weather stick now back in action says the best time to be out there ice fishing will be from 12:46 PM – 2:46 PM.  Second best times will be from 5:41 PM – 6:41 PM.  Out of a five star rating I give it a four so can’t beat that my friends.

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Quiet here in our small community.  Woke up this morning to about six inches of the white stuff so cleaning the driveway will be on our addenda for today.  I do have a snow blower but for the past two years now I have decided on cleaning it by hand, if it isn’t to heavy.  To do that I have got myself into a rigorous exercise  program every day before supper and I have to say that I feel a hundred times better.  One has to ease her or his way into these things but the benefits are rewarding to no end.  Thing is folks, the old body is like anything else, if you don’t use it you loose it.  Also proper eating habits thrown in with the exercise will help you even more. I believe that over 75% of our aches and pains and sickness can be over come by changing ones life style using nature as ones guide.  Also remember, don’t let your age stand in the way neither.  Most folks today I figure just use that as an excuse.  Old bones can be made stronger, joints can be made better and muscles can be gotten back, it’s all up to you not the doctors.  Have a great day my friends and be happy, that is all that really matters in life.  Anything else,  is trickery to change your thinking, don’t be fooled.

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