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Good morning folks.  Well not a bad morning out there.  Just got the shop stove perkin’ away, actually been keeping it going through the night,  so it will be nice and toasty out there come morning..  Daytime temperature is going to reach 31 °f  drop to  17 °f later on tonight.  So all and all not bad temperature wise.  The Barometer is falling sitting at the moment at 29.71 in Hg so….might get a bit of snow today .   Winds are from the south east coming in at around 3 MPH .  The moon today will Rise: 9:01 AM & Set: 9:22 PM.  It will be Overhead: 3:07 PM
& Underfoot: 2:45 AM.  Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 12% percent waxing crescent12% Waxing Crescent.  The sun got out of bed this morning 7:48 AM &  will Set: 5:15 PM, giving us 9 hrs. 27 mins. of daylight.  Met a friend of mine yesterday while out for a walk yesterday and we both were discussing how the days are getting longer.  He follows us here on the Blog at Twitter.  Nice fellow for sure.  If your up to doing some ice fishing today the old weather stick says  the best time to be out there will be from 3:00 PM till 5:00 PM.  On an average out of five I give it a one, the moon being where it is today is the main reason for that. But hey I have caught some pretty nice fish on an average day.

News For Port Loring & District

Not to much happening.  I have been putting a lot of time working with the folks that are making us two nice 8 foot by 12 foot road signs for spring.  One will be put in out by Lost Channel heading East.  The other will be put up just past Highway 524 on Highway 522 heading west. Just about a mile or so on the right past what some call Farleys Corners.  Both are going to be real nice signs which should last for years.  I am working on a schedule  that they both will be up before the 24th of May.  Just in time for our busy season here in Port Loring & District.  Lot of work but end results I am thinking it will be a gift that keeps on giving, and hey, we that live here deserve them.  Long time coming.  Well guess go and have a nice hot tea here and do some chattin’ to my better half, then get at working on some items for the store. Enjoy your day my friends I know I am.


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