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Good morning. Well a bit windy out there this morning but still quite mild for this time of year.  Up to 34 degrees old scale here this morning, but cooler weather is on the way for the rest of the week.  Lots of sunshine too, so good time to get out there and soak up a bit of that Vitamin D which we all need so badly this time of year. Daytime temperature is going to reach    36 °f and then drop  to 25 °f later on tonight.  Winds are from the west coming in from 8 to 15 MPH.  Should die down as the day moves forward.  The moon today will Rise at     4:32 PM & then Set at 6:27 AM. Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 98% percent waxing gibbous  98% Waxing  Gibbous. The sun rose this morning at 7:35 AM & will Set at 5:31 PM, giving us here in Port Loring,        9 hrs. 56 mins. of daylight.  Gaining another minute a day now, so up to three minutes a day. Doesn’t sound like much but it adds up and before you know it one is front porch sittin’  Can’t wait let me tell ya.  The old weather stick says the best time to be out there ice fishing today will be from 9:30 AM till 1:20 PM then again from 3:30 PM till 4:30 PM. Out of a five fish day I give it a three fish rating. so pretty fair day for fishing.  Myself I am a summer fisherman just never had the urge to get out there on that cold ice.

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Not much happening, still really quiet around here other than a few snowmobiles flying by now and then LOL.  Lots of them, but every time I hear one I know someone is having fun and hey.  That is what life is all about, laughter and enjoying each day to its fullest.  Have a great day my friends.

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