Raw Walnuts Cancer & Other Things

Nutritional science now confirms walnuts contain nutrients that are necessary for healthy brain function, such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E; but even more compelling clinical research has emerged in only the past four years showing that walnut consumption reduces biomarkers of prostate cancer in humans, and suppresses prostate cancer tumor growth in the animal model. Other cancers walnuts have been studied to suppress include breast and colorectal. Remember this, only raw nuts an seeds are what you should be eating.  Cooked, baked in oil with salt added, has no beneficial matters to it at all and in time will contribute to what ails you.  Also think about this.  If one just looks at a walnut what do you see? A vision of a prostate or the brain should come to into view.  Doesn’t that tell you something?  Does me as it tells an shows me that Mother Nature is just busting at the seams to show you were to find help. And what do most folks do?  Well they refuse to believe that she can help. They refuse to believe that it can be that simple, they only believe what the doctors of today tell them.  They get sicker.   Take the blinders off my friends do the research and your questions will be answered.  Now don’t get me wrong here, as I am not totally against the medical profession.  I respect them to the point that they are doing just what they were taught to do.  They don’t know any better.  Problem is that most won’t even consider, or look at the alternative medicine, which is totally wrong through my eyes.  There are a few doctors though that are changing their views on things, which is a good thing, lets hope they keep it up and more comes on board quickly.   One last thing, store bought vitamins and over the counter items do not do what they say they do for most parts. Most are man made substitutes which our body rejects. The only thing they do is take money out of your pocket and puts it in the huge corporations pockets, simple as that.  Nutrition is the only way to go.  Fresh Organic Veggies and Fruits, along with items from Mother Natures Treasure Chest along with common sense.  Use these my friends and your world will open up  in a whole new direction toward health. My Opinion Only.

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