Drugs Of Today

I really believe for most parts that drug makers want you to remain sick, tired, and looking for pharmaceutical solutions. The only way to correct this problem is for one to take a serious look at alternative medicine which in reality isn’t medicine at all.  Healthy Nourishment is what is needed and folks need to take the blinders off ones eyes and open ones mind to what is really happening out there today.  If this is allowed to happen  drug sales will plummet and these profit-mongering corporations will begin to go bankrupt after spending millions on the latest cancer drug that turns out to actually be deadlier than the disease itself.

Things are changing, times are changing, I can see it happening as each new days comes upon us.   It’s just a matter of time for these so called pill pushers and users of medicine that hurts folks to no end. Mark my words folks, change is on the horizon. My Opinion Only

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