Salt & Sugar Are Not Bad For You

A recent article in the journal Nature, the much-maligned mineral salt has now been overtaken by sugar as nutritional public enemy number one.

 You asked my views on the subject. Well first off neither one in in its true form is unhealthy for you. What has happened is, the treatment that sugar and salt goes through is what makes them bad for you.   Simple as that.  The best salt you can buy will be organic direct from the ocean. When you get it home it will be damp in texture, large in size which needs grinding some for our salt shakers of today and a pinkish in color. Buy it this way and you can eat all the salt you want.  Sugar is the same with all the chemicals they are using today to make it nice and white an sweet it’s no wonder folks are getting sick. Better alternative is pure cane sugar and even better is not to eat it at all as I have done and eat only pure maple syrup.  There is no recipe in the world that calls for sugar that can’t be replaced using Maple Syrup.  I also believe that the Powers That Be should not be allowed to dictate to folks of what they should eat or can not eat. I am a big feller and if I make a mistake well it’s my mistake.   I guess their upbringing protected them to much, or something to that effect. So much for free will in this country.   My Opinion Only

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