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Good morning. Well woke up to lots of snow this morning.  For sure will need some help of my old snow blower today to clean out my driveway.  I would say we had a good foot and a half or better of new stuff.  But don’t despair it won’t last to long as spring is just around the corner.  Remember though this is a leap year meaning we get an extra day in February.Temperature is going to reach    23 °f through out the day then dip to 8 °f  later on tonight.  Barometer is rising, good sign, sitting at the moment at 29.76 in Hg.  Winds are from the North coming in at around 7 MPH with gusts a touch higher.  Highway522 is snow covered with icy patches underneath, so one should take extra care for a bit till the old sun makes her appearance.  The moon today will rise at 8:14 AM & then set at 10:15 PM. It will be overhead at Overhead at 3:10 PM and underfoot  2:49 AM.  Moon phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 13% percent waxing crescent  13%  Waxing Crescent. The sun rose this morning at 7:05 AM and will set at 5:59 PM, giving us here in Port Loring 10 hrs. 54 mins. of daylight.  For the folks that want to do some ice fishing times once they get dug out the old weather sticks says the best time to be out there today will be from 3:00 PM till 6:00 PM.

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Other than a lot of snow not much happening around town.  For myself I guess my driveway will be my main objective for this morning. I did manage to drag my old snow blower from the outside shed last night and my wife and I put it in my main shop where it is warm. So if things go well it will start nice and easy and make my snow cleaning a lot easier. First though an nice warm cup of tea is in order, do some chattin’ to the wife, have a bite to eat and then……well, will see what the day brings forward.  Will see some sunshine here in Port Loring Shortly.  Have a great day.

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