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So how you doing this morning?  Bit wet out there, through the night and into this morning.   Temperatures has risen to their highest point today of  46°f.  They will drop later on this afternoon with lows tonight of 9°f.  Tomorrow will be somewhat cooler but only for one day then warmer weather will pretty well stay with us.  Winds are from the west coming in at 10 MPH with gusts a lot higher.  Barometer is falling and at the moment sitting at 29.62 in Hg.   Highway 522 is bare and wet but might get a touch icy as the temperatures drop later on this afternoon.   Also might see a few flurries.  The moon will rise at 7:06 PM & then set at 6:23 AM. It will be overhead at 12:13 AM and underfoot at 12:39 PM.  Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 100% percent full moon  100% FULL MOON.  The sun is up there behind some clouds and it rose this morning at 6:43 AM and will set at 6:15 PM. giving us here in Port Loring, 11 hrs. 32 mins.of daylight.  For the folks that want to do some ice fishing first off I would advice caution and if me would stay off the ice with temperatures being so warm.  The old weather stick though says the best time to be out there will be from 12:30 PM till 2:30 PM your decision of course.

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With temperatures being close to fifty yesterday and winds coming in from the south, then rain for most the night, the snow is about half gone. If temperatures continue to be warm, which they will after tomorrow, all our snow will be gone by middle of next week.  Enjoy it while you can, but be careful when crossing creeks or lakes, as I said earlier, if me I would stay clear of both.  Also would be a good idea to get them ice huts off the lakes.   Oh I will stop the ice fishing times come Monday, May12/2012.  When the regular fishing gets going it will be added once again. Have a great day.

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