Health Issues

Had someone  ask me today what I thought of an add that came out in the paper today; that said folks that might be struck with cancer have the option of cutting parts of their body off  before it supposedly arrives or they even know they got it.  Think on this. First off we all have cancer cells in our body millions of them. Most never get large enough to be noticed.  Most never materialize to the point we need to even do anything about.  And then again cutting, burning and things isn’t the answer.  Nutrition is the answer.  Strengthen you body, do the research, listen to you body, don’t be swayed into things that for most parts aren’t true.  Take the blinders off, be your own person.  What we have to come to realize is, that we all have to learn to live with cancer.  It doesn’t have to be a death sentence, it’s an awakening, a reminder that our bodies are lacking some things.  All the money we pour into killing cancer is not the way to go.  Put that money into  fixing our food system. Take the poisons out of food take the additives out of food.  Its not our food what is the problem, what is in the food is what the problem is. All these man made chemicals is what is the cause of 99% of humans sickness, simple as that.  What makes me such an expert?  I am not, it’s just common sense. Its all there for every one to see, amazes me most can’t see it.  My Opinion Only

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