The Masters After Day One, News & Weather For Port Loring Ontario

Good Morning.  Well today weather wise will be sunny and pleasant with highs reaching 50°f.  Later on tonight it will drop to a Lo of 25°f.  So things are warming up a touch.  Barometer is sitting at 1024.10 mb and holding steady.  Winds are still from the North coming in at around 3 MPH.   The moon will rise today at 8:14 PM and then set at         6:18 AM.  It will be over ones head at 12:43 AM & under ones feet at 1:11 PM.  Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 100% percent full moon100% FULL MOON.  I have to say it sure looks pretty out there headin off to bed at nights.   The sun rose this morning at 6:48 AM and  will set at         7:54 PM.  Giving us here in Port Loring Ontario 13 hrs. 06 mins. of daylight.

News for Port Loring & District
Well Easter is upon us and most folks get a day or so off work. So usually that means that folks are happy.  Amazing isn’t it that most folks only get happy when they come into money or don’t have to work.  In reality though them thoughts are just trickery portrayed through ones mind as if the truth be told which I am doing, happiness does not come from outside sources. only from with in.  Think on that for an Easter Weekend.
Yesterday the Masters started and I have to say my wife and I had an enjoyable day watching it.
The scores at the end of the day went as follows.
  • -5 Westwood (Eng); -4 Oosthuizen (SA), P Hanson (Swe)
  • -3 Lawrie (Sco), F Molinari (Ita), Jimenez (Sp), Crane, Dufner, B Watson (all US)
  • Selected: Harrington (Ire), McIlroy (NI)
  • Par: Woods (US), Rose (Eng), Poulter (Eng)
  • +1 Clarke (NI); +2 Mickelson (US) getting a nice Birdie on the 18th hole. Made his day let me tell ya.
  • +3 Donald (Eng), McDowell (NI) +4 Casey (Eng)
  • The biggest highlight of the day was Henrik Stenson he  led the Masters for much of the first day but a quadruple bogey on the 18th saw him fall from five under to finish on one under.   Felt bad for the young feller but anything and everything can happen at the Masters.
  • So now on to day two and I am thinking it will be one exciting day.  Enjoy my friends, that is what life is all about.

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