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Good morning.  Today will be mostly cloudy with a high of 46°f.  Tonight it will drop to a Lo 30°f.  The snow that they predicted didn’t arrive which is a good thing in my eyes as I guess I was getting used to all that warm weather we have been having.  Myself I am ready for summer.  Sun is shining out there this morning but a touch on the cool side right now at 35 degrees.  Winds this morning are coming in from the North East at 9 MPH.  Barometer is slowly rising and at the moment sitting at 29.09 in Hg.  The moon today will rise at 6:14 AM and set at  8:58 PM, giving us here in Port Loring, 13 hrs. 53 mins. of daylight.  Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 0% percent new moon  0% NEW MOON.

News For Port Loring

Our community center is coming along great these days.  We now have our office in one part of the new building, which is a great new feature for our community.  The community center itself is looking good and well maintained thanks to Kerry Booth as that is his project and have to say he has done a great job in getting it built and cared for.  We are lucky to have him on the LSB Board. Not to forget all the others on the Board as they all have done their out most for the past few years in bettering our area.  It has been a pleasure working with them all and hope to continue to do so in the coming months. Also at our Community Center for those that would be interested in using it for one of your events or projects feel free to get in touch with Kerry anytime to make the necessary arrangements.  Thing is folks, this is your Community Center, yours to use and enjoy.  With in the next few weeks we will even have brand new play ground equipment for the children all set up, just off to once side of the Center where you come in. There is also washrooms now for them events, womans and mens, even wheel chair accessible. Should make for a great place to bring your young ones to get some fresh air, sunshine and activity, which they all need to stay healthy.     Well tea time here.  Have a great day my friends.

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