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Good morning. Today will be pleasant and warmer 80°f.  Tonight it will go down for a Lo 58°f. Really nice weather for sure.  The barometer is holding steady at 29.26 in Hg.  Winds are from the South and calm.  The moon will rise at 4:47 AM and set at
7:51 PM.  Moon Phase is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 2% percent waning crescent  2%  Waning  Crescent.  The sun rose showing off this morning at 5:42 AM and will set at 8:49 PM, giving us here in Port Loring, 15 hrs. 07 mins. of daylight.  For those just itchin to get out there fishing this is the weekend to do so and the best time to be out there will be from 1:03 PM – 3:03 PM.
News For Port Loring
There is a new tender out there today for Upgrades at our Community in Port Loring.  You can view it at link below.
Other News.  Black flies are out there in full force but not as bad as last year.  So far anyways.  Them blood sucking parasites the Mosquitoes are just starting and will be enjoying a few meals on us humans very shortly,increasing their activities as the weather warms up. Which is today by the way. For those on the highways today please take care as we here in Port Loring would like to see you all arrive safe and sound.  Have a great weekend my friends and feel free to drop around at our small store, we have it chocked full of Native American Flutes along with all kinds of other items.  We are located right on HWY 522 just up from the Shell Station on the right, coming in from Highway 11, can’t miss it, just look for the large sign with two flags flying from it that says George & Ruth Walters, Author, Artist. Come on in.

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