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So how you  all doing this morning?  Good I hope.  Today weather wise  we will see mostly clouds with showers at times. High today will reach to almost 50F. Winds will be coming in from the East South East at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain today will be about 50%.  Later we will see cloudy skies with a few showers after midnight. Low tonight of 47F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.  The moon will rise at; 3:44 PM
& set at: 2:26 AM.  Moon Phase is; Solunar Table Moon Phase is 76% percent waxing gibbous  76%  Waxing  Gibbous.  The sun is up there but behind some clouds and she rose this morning at; 7:48 AM & will set at 6:16 PM.  Giving us here in Port Loring Ontario; 10 hrs. 28 mins. of daylight. Lost 3 minutes yesterday. Days are getting shorter now.  For those wanting to do some hunting the old weather stick says the best times to be out there will be from, 930 AM – 11:30 AM.  Then again from; 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM.

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Might want to mark down on your calendar that deer season opens here in Port Loring on the1st of November for two weeks.  Lookin’ forward to it.  For rifles that is, Bow season lasts longer than the two weeks.  A lot of folks I know are just itchin’ to get out there.  Only comes once a year and young and old here in Port Loring sure enjoy it.  For most parts it is their meat for the year as myself, as that is pretty much all the meat I eat.  Good for you and one knows there is no hidden chemicals in it.  Enjoy your day my friends.

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