Events & New Weather Station News For Port Loring Ontario

Good Morning.  Well got the new Port Loring Weather Station back up and running so for all your weather needs click here;  Port Loring Weather Station

Highway 522 is bare & dry. Snow accumulations last night.  1/4 inch. For those wanting to do some ice fishing, the old weather stick says the best times to be out there today will be from; 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM.

News For Port Loring

Managed to get the weather sensor back up and running. Working good now with a few minor calibrations needed on our part. Should be in complete form later on this morning.  Ended up after all said and done, with shipping it back we got a newer version of our sensor plus a donation on their part of a 150 foot cable installed directly to the sensor by the manufacturer along with being calibrated.  So all in all was worth the effort in sending it back.  The folks we purchased it from in Oregon USA; MET ONE were very helpful and great folks to deal with. They bent over backwards in getting us fixed up and back on the air.  I have always said a good product is fine, but the service one gets after the fact, is just as important if not more.  This sensor we have is not made off shore neither, it is made right in the USA.  Can’t beat that.  Any of the graphs can be clicked on which in turn will open a really detailed graph.  Just one more added feature that Karl put together for us here at the LSB.  At the top is the forecast for the day which changes as weather data changes.  The Link For The Weather Station: Is On The Front Page Of The Local Service’s Boards Web Site.

  Upper Right Hand Corner.  SAYS:  Port Loring Weather Station