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Well rainy old morning here in Port Loring Ontario.  But I have to say my gardens needed it. One can water themselves, but it can’t be done as good and thorough as Mother Nature. Thinking my tomatoes grew a foot overnight.  Grass has slowed down some which is OK by me.  But this rain will bring it back to growing for a bit. Temperatures this morning waking up are sitting at….18.5 C | 65.3 F.

Forecast: Stormy, much rain off and on throughout the day.  Things will improve overnight and into tomorrow, with the return of the sunshine.

Bug Report:  Well blackflies are pretty much gone other than a few stragglers hanging around bugging folks.  Mosquitoes now are another story.  Yesterday they were out proceeding the rain in swarms.  Just couldn’t get away from them.  Even my shop was full of them blood sucking parasites.  Had to put my vest on so they wouldn’t be able to bite me through my shirt.  Hoping this isn’t the trend all summer long.  Once the sun comes out it will slow them down some.  Horseflies are here but not biting too much as yet, but Deerflies are becoming irritating.   Joys of the north.

Fishing Times:  Well this morning one might need an umbrella if going out fishing.  The old weather stick is saying though that the best time to be out there will be from…9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.  I give it a 2 fish rating out of 4 for catching them.  Good luck!

Around Town:    Well not much happening other than voting day here in our small community with folks heading out to the polls, trying to get their favourite candidate into power.  Should be interesting, this time round I am thinking.

Our Farmers Market is about ready to gear up for the summer, you can click the flyer to enlarge below for all the dates of when it will be starting and things. It was delivered to me yesterday. Great place to shop with and pick up them items your in need of without heading on into the city.  Also one is supporting those that work so hard to bring fresh produce and other items to you in an old but stable, healthy atmosphere.  It’s folks like yourself that keeps them alive.  Have a great day my friends and should also mention that if you have anything that you would like to be known by the public, send it along to me in and E-Mail at [email protected] or stop by the house here or you can call me at 705-757-1640. I will gladly add it for all to see.


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