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Good morning. Well cloudy this morning. Old sunshine is having a hard time showing itself this summer.  Hoping August is a bit better.  Temperatures are also a lot cooler this year.  Waking up they were sitting at…12.3 C | 54.14 F.  Fellow wants to kind of stay in bed.  But not good to waste a day.

Forecast For Today:   Changeable, mending though as the day progresses.  We had     21 mm of  rain yesterday and through the night.  So no shortage of moisture this summer.

Fishing Times:    This morning the old weather stick is saying that the best times to be out there will be from…9:00 AM – 11:30 AM.  Then once again from 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM.  I give it a 1 fish rating out of 4 for catching them.  Not the greatest day for fishing using my data and expertise.  But the item of choice for catching them today would be a spinner.  They come in may shapes and forms but the one Iike I will show you in a pictures take a look…1049492_15442  With this one you can use it for casting or trolling. I have found both ways works out quite successful.  I got some nice bass using this lure.  Also a piece of worm on the end or a leech would be a great asset.  You can pick these up under $10.00.  I don’t believe price is an issue when buying a lure in every scenario. But a good quality lure that shows great action, is what one should be looking for.  Good Luck.

Bug Report:    Been pretty good around here the past few days with weather being wet, windy and cooler.  Things will change though once the sum makes its appearance in the coming days and things warm up. Mosquitoes would be the culprit that is going to annoy folks with a few deerflies thrown in for good measure.  But nothing to stop one from enjoying the north.

Around Town:  This morning we have the Farmers Market  in Arnstein, located at the Community Centre.  You can click the flyer below for all the information relating to this event.ltss-0357  Great outing for folks and while your at it stop off at the other stores we have here in Port Loring and maybe even have a sandwich at one of our restaurants.




Yesterday I told you about the Horse Soccer, it is located at Trout Creek at the Community centre there, on the 522, starting at 7:00 PM every Thursday night, weather permitting.  Sounds like an interesting event for sure and my wife and I are going to make a point of going to one or two once we get a few things cleared up here at home. Just been quite busy this year it seems. Any ways I a picture sent to me of Carrie Rogers Granddaughter “Hailey” riding Rhythm, owned by Carrie who lives here in Port Loring. Great folks for sure and nice to have them as friends. Also a few others of the Soccer Game that is taking place. Take A Look!!

Hailey summer 14 020 Horse Soccer 2014 010 Horse Soccer 2014 011 Horse Soccer 2014 040








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