Port Loring Information, Weather & Hunting Times

Good Morning:   Well not to cold this morning.  Waking up temperatures were sitting at…8.9 C | 48.02 F.

Forecast For Today:  Stormy, much rain throughout the day.  Could see a touch of sunshine off and on.  Warm.

Hunting Times:  This morning the old weather stick along with some data is saying that the best time to be out there today will be from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. Then again a bit later from 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM.  Prime times are…11:30 AM and 5:30 PM.  Winds are coming in from the South East at  2.9 m/s | 10.44 km/h | 6.49 mph.  I give it a 2 Buck Rating out of 5 for seeing a few.  Feeding time today for the deer will be a few minutes before dusk which will be about the best of the best this month.

Around Town:  Well not much happening here in Port Loring.  Highway 522 is bare and wet. A few trucks and things moving around but other than that quiet.  Four Wheelers are in abundance with  Deer hunting season edging in on us.  Thinking there will be a lot of folks in the bush this season.  Just one more reason to take extra care.  Also see the OPP out and about checking folks out so might pay to double check your licences and things. Don’t need any law officer taking away ones trophy buck.  Years ago I had something like that happen to me.  I was coming back from Florida and through the mountains a deer run out in front of me.  Few minutes later a Trooper came by asked if I was OK and if I wanted the deer.  I said nope no where to put it.  He then threw it on top of his car marked Sheriff and drove off.  Leaving me standing there with a smashed up car that wouldn’t go anywhere.  Had me thinking there for a few minutes, but about a half hour later he came back with a tow truck.  Said he had to get his family to skinning the deer.  Later on we had a pretty good laugh out of that.   So my friends you have a great day and enjoy the warm weather as it isn’t going to last for much longer.  You Can Reach Me, George Walters at… [email protected]

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