Happenings In And Around Port Loring Ontario Canada

Good Morning: Cloudy morning here in Port Loring.  Temperatures were sitting at 0.4 C | 32.72 F.

Forecast For Today: Cloudy with rain off and on throughout the day.

Snow Report: No Snow overnight.

Highway Report:  Highway 522 is bare and dry.  Should be no problem for those that want to travel.

Around Town:  Things are quiet these days.  When the sun is upon us folks are out and about though. Which is a good thing.  Our bird feeder is being visited by all different kinds these days, with their migration north in full swing.  Great so see, and they are so entertaining to watch.  The grass is slowly being uncovered from its winters rest and in some places even turning green in colour.  Some spring flowers are starting to push through the hard soil where the sun meets up with them, giving what is needed for growth in the coming days.  Nature is something to watch and take in, even in its smallest occurrences.  Most pass it by, which is a shame.  I am off for a cup of tea and then will see what the day has planned for me. Watching the Masters Golf will be my priority for the next four days starting this afternoon.  The beauty that course holds is something in itself. If you get a chance and are able to get it on your TV take a look.  Enjoy your day and stay safe.  You can reach me if you so wish at [email protected]

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