Happenings In And Around Port Loring Ontario

Good Morning:  Nice looking day out there this morning.  Temperatures waking up were sitting at 15.9 C | 60.62 F.

Forecast For Today:  Should see lots of sunshine this morning. Later on in the afternoon things will start to cloud up with some thunderstorms possible late in the day or this evening.  Things will cool down quite a bit for tomorrow and Sunday.  Rainy day possible for tomorrow and cool and sunny for Sunday.

Bug Report:  Lots of Blackflies around these days.  Mosquitoes are also out in full force annoying folks.  In some areas they are quite bad this year.  If your new to the area a bug jacket would be recommended or till you get used to them.  Seems that some folks they don’t bother to much where others they can be quite destructive.  Their bites are not pleasant and itch for a long time after being bit.  The only thing that I have found that helps with the itch is plantain leaf, chewed and put on the bite or some real lemon juice squeezed mixed with apple cider vinegar, mixed 50 – 50.  Hope this helps.

Highway Report: Highway 522 is bare and dry these days.  Deer and moose are making their way onto the highway, with the blackflies and mosquitoes driving them out of the bush.  So care should be taken if out and about.  Other than that travelling will be good.  Great day to head off to do your shopping or what ever.

Fishing Information:  This morning the old weather stick is saying that the best times to be out there with pole in hand will be from 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM.  Then once again a bit later on from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM.  I give it a 4 fish rating for catching a few this morning and a 5 fish rating out of 5 this afternoon.  Great day to pull in a few.  Winds this morning are coming in from the South at around 5 mph.  Good Luck and enjoy the weekend.

Around Town:  Not to much to report.  Folks are moving around a bit these days.  Lots of cars moving up and down the highway.  Not sure where they are all going but just the same it is good to see folks out and about.  Myself I am just cleaning up around the place and today will be working on my old boat getting it ready for fishing season. I like playing around doing what I enjoy.  That is what life is all about.  All work and no play isn’t in my books the way to go.  Life is short and as the old saying goes, we are placed here on earth to learn and have fun.  Enjoy your day, make it a great day.  You can reach George Walters if you so wish at [email protected]

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