Morning Report

We did have some sunshine early this morning then clouds rolled in. Today we will see some sun and clouds for most the day with maybe some rain thrown in for good measure. It will be very humid and hot. Great day to take it a bit easy. After all, it is the weekend. We did see some rain through the night, not much but every bit helps. Mosquitoes like this kind of weather. Yesterday we headed into town for some supplies that we can’t get here in town. It was a great trip but every store was lined up at the check outs. I guess that is a good sign. People spending money. We then went for supper with our son Karl at Lot 88. Great place to eat other than being a touch expensive. But once in a while we like to splurge. Just because we can. My lovely wife and Karl ordered a bottle of Woodbridge, U.S.A CABERNET SAUVIGNON to start things off. A light white wine. Very tasty to say the least. Let’s just say none went to waste. For the main meal my wife and Karl had :

Glazed Chicken & Ribs
Grilled chicken breast, pineapple glaze, half rack, Lot 88 BBQ sauce and a Caesar salad.

Myself I had a : Lot 88 Burger
A prime rib patty, egg, aged Canadian cheddar, apple wood bacon, onion strings, ancho aioli and Caesar salad.

After that we picked up some groceries, did a bit of running around to other stores, chatted and arrived back home at 9:00 PM. Then we checked what we spent, looked at each other and went to bed. LOL Today I am going to take things a bit easy being so hot. Tomorrow I will get back to my shop work. With that I am off for my morning coffee.

Fishing Times


The best Times
3:30 PM-6::00 PM
Fair Times
9:00 AM-11:00 AM
Today fishing won’t be the greatest with the rain we had last night and it being so hot. I give it a 1 Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck though if you do head out, and make sure you have a rain coat. Seems things like that are easy to forget, other than the net.

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