Morning Report Jan 11/2020

Cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. On top of that we are having some icy rain mixed in with snow. It is changing from the ice to snow at the moment. Highway 522 is snow covered with icy sections throughout. Certainly not a day to be going anywhere. My suggestion stay home and relax until this mix bag of weather is over. The power has been going off and on here also so that means a tree or something is tampering with the lines somewhere. Knowing that we filled up a few pails of water just in case. Temperatures weren’t as warm as it was yesterday but still not too bad, sitting at -2.3 C | 27.86 F. It will get a lot colder through the night. But with all that we are having at the moment, tomorrow looks not so bad other than cleaning things up. We might even see a wee bit of sunshine tomorrow. It’s amazing how Nature and be so bad then change to be so good. But such is life. There are also storm warnings up for our area along with North Bay. For my wife and I we will be staying put doing a few things around the house here. With that I am off for my breakfast and will see what the day has it store other than what I am thinking. GW

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