Morning Report January 12/2020

At the time of this post … it is cloudy here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We could see some sunshine a bit later on in the day. It is cold outside this morning with temperatures sitting at-16.6 C | 2.12 F. Overnight we had around 4 inches of snow bringing it up to a total around 6 inches. Highway 522 is snow covered with lots of icy sections throughout. Care should be taken if out and about. For us we are staying home as there is no reason for us to be on the roads. The other thing we have to watch is the wind, as it will be picking up as the day moves forward which in turn can cause all kinds of problems with frost bite, drifting and whiteouts. But you all know that right? LOL So with that I am off to have my morning cup of coffee and a bite to eat. If the sun comes out and warms up a bit, I might clean out my driveway. I kind of figure that my snowblower has had enough rest anyways. LOL Enjoy your day.

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