Morning Report Feb 15/2020

Once again the sun is hiding from us here in Port Loring, Ontario. We didn’t have any more snow overnight to speak of, but we are getting some flurries this morning. It will probably continue throughout the day and into tonight. We could see around 3 or 4 inches. Then if we are lucky we might see some sunshine for tomorrow. Temperatures though are much warmer than yesterday morning that’s for sure. Waking up they were sitting at -7.1 C | 19.22 F. It will warm up as the day moves forward. Highway 522 is partially covered with snow, but not too bad at this time, but things will change shortly so travelling won’t be the greatest today. My wife and I went to town yesterday, which in-spite of the cold weather it turned out quite nice. We even had some sunshine for our trip in and back home. The roads were really good which made things just that much nicer. While there we had lunch with our son Karl and a nice chat, then picked up a few supplies. Great day. But no matter how you cut it, it takes a full day to go to North Bay and back home. At any rate, we are stocked up once again for a few weeks. Today I will be working on some Podcasts and kind of take things a bit easy. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee. Have a good one. GW

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